Rock Band Purists Not So Sure About Country

CMT: When I heard that Rock Band was going to add a few country songs to its gaming platform, I was happy. And I naturally assumed that everyone else who liked music enough to pretend to play along with a band would be happy, too. I mean, what's not to like about playing along with Dierks Bentley on "Free & Easy (Down The Road I Go)"? Well, if you ask the Rock Band purists and enthusiasts, a lot. A few outspoken ones have loaded up the forums with reasons why adding country is a mistake:

"If country is in that big of a demand, let them release a Country Band. Don't pollute Rock Band with that…….type of music."

"Country music is the devil."

"To quote my grade 12 ethics class teacher: 'Country music is God's curse on this earth.'"

There was even a poll on the site asking, "Should country music be included in Rock Band?" The majority said "A few great songs (Johnny Cash!) would fit; We needn't go hog-wild."

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