How I devolved from a hardcore to a casual gamer

Dave Parrack Writes:

"Casual gaming and casual gamers have been a hot topic of this console generation. With the Nintendo Wii seemingly forcing many casual to come out, it seems the breed is growing at an exponential rate. And unfortunately, I think I may have devolved from the higher species of hardcore gamer to become one of the mainstream throng.

I'm starting to suspect I'm now a casual gamer. I own loads of games, and loads of different consoles from all generations, past and present, but I play games less now than ever before. Depending on how you classify a casual gamer, it seems that I could have slipped back from being hardcore to merely one of the crowd.

It may be a brave, or potentially stupid move for a video games journalist to admit to being more casual than hardcore, but it's the truth. I still love games, and always will do, but the days when I'd stay up all night playing have ended for good."

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