Ratchet and Clank Now Runs at a Perfectly Locked 60 FPS at 1440p Resolution On PS5

Ratchet and Clank has been updated to version 1.08 for 60 FPS. The game now runs at a near-perfect 60 FPS rendering at 1440p resolution on PS5.

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iplay1up2117d ago

Sony fanboys already said to Series owners, they "don't care about old games". That is what we have heard them say, article after article when Microsoft did this.

purple101117d ago

Are we talking old free games. To keep and own forever..

Or old games you pay £15 a month to rent. And never own.?

iplay1up2117d ago

A lot of games getting a Series X boost I already own. Also I paid $29.99 for 3 months of Ultimate.

Si-Fly116d ago

I get your point but technically we don’t own our PS Plus collection either as we have to have an active subscription to access it.

Teflon02116d ago

Si fly this was a free game to keep even without plus. Also plus games are always accessible as long as you have plus. Game pass games expire so that's a big difference.

Toncsipapa115d ago

Mister fanboooyy looks like you never tried game pass...why dont you just be happy about this andnleave the other side? Does it hurt you that game pass is a good value?....looks like yes...

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waverider117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

They dont care about tons of crappy games from 10 or 15 years ago. Or even last gen. But great games is another stuff. I think many should even be remaked. Because no BC cant fix how bad they look today. I hope bluepoint keeps doing remakes, like Demons Souls. I think they should have even another studio for that.

Futureshark116d ago

Wow, this spoilt little man-baby is really upset he hasn't got his PS5 yet and can't play the excellent R&C at 60fps now.
"I have all systems accept PS5. That is only because I haven't found one yet."

Ahhhh, poor diddums, I'm sure you'll get one soon.

Einhander1971116d ago

I already own Ratchet and many other ps4 games on disc. So when I play these older titles on my ps5 I getting even better performance from them. So its win win for me.

masterfox116d ago

lol at the Microsoft did this,

Actually MS is the only thing they did since the release of their console, to play old games with gamepass, meanwhile Sony on release date they actually release next gen titles, if Sony went the route of MS and make play past gen games the main premise to buy a PS5 console so yes I would be pretty upset, the main reason why each generation start is so damn awesome is because this consoles portrays what they can do, and Sony knows this and have being doing this since decades and this some of the reason why they are always on top, and not recurring cheap tactics like MS to convince people to buy their console to keep playing past gen/old games.

And the other thing you are so wrong imo, is that you are comparing Multiplatform games to Playstation exclusives, lol and that's a big mistake , Playstation Exclusives even at 30 fps or unlock framerate back in the PS4 years are way more appealing to see that any other multiplatform at the market, even running those multiplaform games running at 60 fps, because Playstation exclusive uses different style of visuals that makes them greater graphically, new effects, motion, details, physics, etc. yesterday was playing Rachet and Clank in the Volcano level don't remember the name of the planet, and holy hell, it literally Pixar and with 60fps is something to behold, and this is not even new Rachet and Clank for the PS5!, you really need to have a Playstation 5 to experience it for your self. Again imo Playstation 5 completed perfectly the launch of their new gen console and now they are just adding extra stuff without affecting the main premise of the console appeal, to play next gen games!, the following months PS5 will receive next gen games, and you MS what you will receive?, oh yeah Xboost in some games lol :D

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Starman69115d ago

Just finished it ☺️. Class in 60fps. Unbelievably beautiful!

where-eagles-dare116d ago

I was playing this gem for hours yesterday on PS5 & it's absolutely brilliant what the team at Insomniac have done. It is so smooth & quick that it actually took me a wee while before I could get used to the enhanced buttery velvet frame-rate. Once I did, it was incredible to play & a real joy.

It's so good, you could be forgiven for mistaking this title to be a new PS5 game. Can't wait to get my paws on Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, releasing on the 11th June that I've pre ordered.

Shane Kim116d ago

1440p for a launch ps4 game is kind of dissapointing though. Perhaps it's just how the game is coded.

CML2116d ago

The game came out in 2016.

Starman69115d ago

Trust me pal. It doesn't disappoint. Stunning tbh!

Abear21116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Silky goodness! Please keep the upgrades coming, it’s nice to go back and experience improved performance and not just have to stream it

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