No Man’s Sky got a whole new mode to play: joint expeditions

But Man’s Sky got another significant extension in the 3.3 version update that introduces a whole new mode focused on joint exploration.

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Terry_B39d ago

Imagine Cyberpunk would get better and better for years and became a similar success story for players as well as devs. Kudos to the No Man's Sky creators.

camel_toad37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

With all of the talk about CDPR expanding I have a feeling they may fix what they can with Cyberpunk, release its DLCs and then just move on. I think their focus will end up shifting elsewhere instead of fine tuning and fulfilling all of their broken promises.

This is coming from someone who played it for 100 + hours on pc, beat it and then moved on to Red Dead Redemption 2 from my backlog. Going from Cyberpunk to Red Dead is is like going from black and white to color. Cyberpunk is just missing so many things that even mediocre open world games have.