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crazyCoconuts180d ago

this has turned into the best value in gaming

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Jericho1337180d ago

Bit of an exaggeration, but yes Sony have massively stepped up with their PS Plus free games recently. Let’s hope they keep it up.

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SullysCigar180d ago

Nothing has come close to Plus in terms of quality games this past year. Nowhere near.

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T2X179d ago

Not exaggerating much.

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Abear21180d ago

Agreed but it’s very close call, consumers win and that’s all that matter. I’ve had it since the PS3 launch day and my library is insane, yes I’ve also paid a lot. I don’t think people get that you keep all games as long as your subbed, even if you miss months. Remembering to add to library is the hard part!

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UnSelf180d ago

When they gon update PS COLLECTION???

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gamer7804180d ago

So tired of zombie games though...

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Babadook7179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I got Days Gone with my PS collection with PS5 purchase. Excited for Soulstorm.

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RazzerRedux180d ago

Days Gone is obviously there for PS4 owners since PS5 owners with PS+ already have the game with the PS+ Collection.

phoenixwing180d ago

i think i still have my ps plus sub from when i bought a year of it awhile ago, guess i'll finally give days gone a spin on ps4

Neonridr180d ago

yeah, sort of sucks for me as it turns the month into nothing really, but that's ok. I'm still finishing up Control and have some other titles to try out.

Kurt Russell180d ago

Which is fine to me. I imagine there are a lot of people who missed it because of its initial reviews on release. I loved the title and encourage anyone who can to give it a go. It did a great job of breathing life into the very saturated zombie game market.

Meanwhile, I am trying to smash through FF7 remake, which is great. Pity I can't pay a small sum to upgrade it to PS5 (they want me to shell out £70 to double the frame rate, no thanks).

MoonConquistador179d ago

That is a shocking state of affairs in regards to the upgrade price

darthv72179d ago

As still a 4 owner, i have the disc version of DG installed so I wont be able to partake of this + version. Zombie Army, I hear, is pretty fun.

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Redemption-64180d ago

Oddworlds and Days gone look nice.

TGGJustin180d ago

Amazing that you already see selfish people complaining about Days Gone being here when 30+ million PS Plus members still only have a PS4.

TGGJustin180d ago

Uh no the number of PS4 owners doesn't equal the number of PS+ members. Last time Sony gave the number it was like 45+ million PS+ members or somewhere around there.

darthv72179d ago

Try again... speaking for myself I have 11 PS4 systems myself and only 1 + membership. I know i am the exception, not the rule... but I get where your heart was going. Your head just didnt think it through.

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Terry_B180d ago

Great for me, two good games now and also Oddworld when I buy a ps5 in 2022

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