Bend Studio details Days Gone PC Enhancements

The studio's Twitter page also provides links to the game's Steam and Epic Game Store pages.

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NecrumOddBoy121d ago

The mods this game will see.

monkey602119d ago

I'm just a couple of hours away from the Platinum for this game. With the PC release and it going on Plus next week we are about to see an awful lot of talk about the game and a whole slew of praise

Edgelordsupreme119d ago

I got a good chuckle out of that.

abstractel119d ago

I'll be looking for a save file when it comes out as I haven't finished it on the PS4, I'd like to buy it on the PC but don't want to start over from scratch. I think I'm 40-45 hours in and probably have about 15% left to do.

Spenok119d ago

Why not just finish it then?

where-eagles-dare119d ago

Absolutely tremendous game. I really hope the top notch team at bend Studios give us a sequel. Also a top tip for newcomers, at every opportunity, upgrade your bikes fuel capacity.

BlackTar187119d ago

i really hope we get a sequel. THis was such a surprise gem for me last gen, i was lucky to have missed the launch issues.

where-eagles-dare119d ago

On the ps5 this game is a revelation, it feels like your playing a new title. All the issues with long loading screens & frame rate issues are completely eliminated. I was fortunate enough to platinum the game on ps4 pro, but now that I've experienced a taste of the ps5 magic, I'm going to play through it again. It really is an absolute night & day difference. Sharper & cleaner visuals and an absolutely silky smooth buttery frame rate. Have a fantastic Easter weekend BlackTar187 & here's hoping we get a superb sequel.

Spenok119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Pretty sure they (soft) confirmed a sequel already.


garos82119d ago


i was a fool to sit on this and not play it until recently. Only got to play it because it was free on the playstation plus collection. IMO its an incredible and tense experience especially when combating the hordes. Its a must play especially on ps5.

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The story is too old to be commented.