New PlayStation Store Sale: Spring & Resident Evil Sale Now Live, Over 700 Games & DLCs Discounted

The new PlayStation Store sale for this week is live, and there's the "Spring Sale," and the Resident Evil sale! Over 700 games & DLCs discounted.

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JRPGsAreTheBest38d ago

Highly recommend 13 Sentinels for those who like story games. Excellent game with amazing story/voice acting.

excaliburps38d ago

I checked that out on YT and it's like a playable anime. xD

Rebel_Scum38d ago

Ubisoft season pass prices are crazy. AC Odyssey is $30, Immortals is $45. That's the "special" price?

Odyssey I'll give a pass because you get AC3 as a bonus, but Immortals is $45 down from $59. That's almost a full game price.

Hellcat202038d ago

Immortals season pass is down to $30 from original price of $40
Not sure what you're looking at

Rebel_Scum38d ago

Different country obviously.

Pyrofire9538d ago

@Rebel_scum I don't think what country youre in changes what this website shows in their list.

Nacho_Z38d ago

Does anyone else have an issue when they look at a game on the store and the trailer buffers horrendously to the point it's unusable? I assume it's my ancient PS4 thinking about retiring but it wasn't that long ago it played them fine.

PaulFiend38d ago

PS4 Pro plays trailers just fine for me.