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Cade writes: "From its charismatic characters and stupendous story to its meaningful gameplay and incredible soundtrack, Undertale on Xbox is a titanic accomplishment that not only ignores the ideas of what makes a video game, but redefines them."

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Fritzwochel117d ago

Come on.. It's never in a million years a 10/10 (ok - perhaps if it was released in 1983!!). It's max 4/10. Crap graphics, low framerate, crap controls.. But it has a cool story and quirky humour. But please, it's never in a million years 10/10. I've played it both on PC and PS4. Completed it on PS4 as pacifist.

curtain_swoosh117d ago

i disagree 100%
it looks great.
not every game needs to look like Tlou or something else.

if id go with graphics and framrate alone, id never play anything.