Gaming Age Review: AC/DC Rock Band

Brian Peterson writes:

"This is some genuine rock and even if you aren't the biggest fan of the band, you will have fun playing along with these hard rocking hits. While the list is extensive I do have a couple of gripes with this track pack. First off, you don't get any AC/DC avatars to play with, so don't expect to see Angus or Bryan Johnson running up and down the stage (unless you create them yourself). Next, the big finale song has no pyro technics as much of the game just feels like Rock Band. I expect this with song downloads, but for a game that doesn't require the actual Rock Band game, you would figure that concert themes, animations, and special effect would be included. Lastly, the game is using all the tracks from a live album, yet you can not play the songs consecutively. Yes you can play them in quick play, but you have that awkward break up to the menu between songs. Heck you can't even make a set list with all the songs to play in a row on the disc included (but of course you can if you are playing the Rock Band or Rock Band 2 discs)."

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