Next-generation update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming in the second half of 2021

CD Projekt RED Lead PR Manager Radek Grabowski made the announcement on Twitter.

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RaidenBlack44d ago

This is being handled by Saber Interactive.

seanpitt2344d ago

Great time to jump back in this masterpiece of a game

zacfoldor44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Good, at least we have a target date for this. Loading times on PS4 Pro were terrible even on internal SSD last time I checked, and this game looks beautiful on even a low end PC, so this is a very welcome patch.

If you've played before, my advice, skip everything and just go straight to Blood and Wine. The rest of the game is awesome, but isn't as good as Blood and Wine. The best DLC ever tied with The Old Hunters, Blood and Wine makes the main game feel boring and generic, that's how good it is. If you played Witcher 3 and think of it as a good game, but never touched Blood and Wine, you are REALLY missing out about why this game is a goat. I find most people that I know, who loved Witcher 3, never even played it, so I like to recommend it. Blood and Wine is the only reason I still hold out hope for Cyberpunk.

anast44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I enjoyed Hearts of Stone way more than the over the top fantasy setting in Blood and Wine. Not to say Blood and Wine wasn't fun, but I wouldn't skip an entire game over it.

zacfoldor44d ago

I said "If you've played before" with the belief that most people coming back to this already started the main campaign on PS4, and most likely, statistically I would guess, didn't beat it. I would assume that without hearing a recommendation to start at a different place, they might start back up the main story(from the beginning) and get bored and quit pretty early.

That's what I did when I first restarted. Luckily, I was sorting metacritic one day by best user reviews on PS4 and came across the Blood and Wine user/critic reviews and saw how insane those reviews are, over on metacritic. This "advice" from metacritic got me to start Blood and Wine from the main menu instead of the main campaign and I'm so glad I did. Unlike you, I found Hearts of Stone a little less engaging, but still better than the main game. Blood and Wine had by far the best story, imo, which is why I recommended it, but I understand we all have different preferences.

44d ago
jeromeface44d ago

not all of us are so entitled we have to "skip to the best part"..

philm8743d ago

The PS4 pro doesn't have an internal SSD. If it's modded the game won't take proper advantage of it.

lancielegend43d ago

For real? can put an SSD in the PS4. I take it you never played a PS4?

philm8743d ago

I meant as standard. Hence the second sentence. Games won't be optimised to take full advantage of it though.

I've owned PS4/PS4 Pro/PS5.

jznrpg44d ago

Nice I am ready to go back !

Kaii44d ago

I'm curious as to what difficulty it'd be tuned at, Launch W3 or the one update that overhauled the Ui definitely toned down enemies damage

SDuck44d ago

obviously the latter. you can't have this update without the previous updates

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