Kingdom Hearts franchise launches on Epic Games Store with discounts, Disney+ offer

PC gamers can now play the Kingdom Hearts series for the first time. Square Enix has released the franchise on the Epic Games Store with discounts and an offer for three free months of Disney+.

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TheRealTedCruz175d ago

Ooh. A whole 20% off of the $250 you're pushing on PC gamers for the whole collection. Despite all that content being had for $30 or under on Playstation, and you already taking money from Epic for bringing it to their store first.

Straight up greed.

SDuck175d ago

1. Epic's the one going for the exclusivity
2. No, that content isn't $30 on PSN, I've checked it
3. You don't have to get everything at the same time. Better, just wait until Epic offers it for free

Inverno175d ago

The physical All-in-one collection regularly goes down to 30. This has absolutely no business being sold in individual packs at full price.

TheRealTedCruz175d ago

Epic offered, Square accepted. They made money on the deal.
No idea what point you're trying to make there.
I didn't say "PSN", I said "Playstation". Google "Kingdom Hearts complete" and tell me what you see.
Your last point is literally you defending them highly upcharging on content that can be had for cheap lol.

What a joke.

Inverno175d ago

Should've been the All-in-one collection, then KH3 Final Mix and MoM sold as full price ports. Least that way it'd make more sense, with Final Mix announcement for consoles as well. Be honest though, coming from Square this isn't suprising in the slightest.

Rachel_Alucard175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

I got reminded Disney has investors with Epic so that's why you see Disney+ advertising, marvel crossovers, star wars, and KH itself is all because of that.

VersusDMC175d ago

Weird backlash on price when we get justifications for skyward sword switch at 60. Only kingdom hearts 2.8 is too expensive to me.

curtain_swoosh175d ago

"Nintendo cant do any wrong"