CD PROJEKT acquires the Canadian Digital Scapes game development studio

On 29 March 2021 CD PROJEKT signed a term sheet specifying the conditions under which it will acquire the Vancouver-based gamedev studio. Both companies have been in close cooperation since 2018.

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Atticus_finch47d ago

I don't know, maybe based on a horrible launch for CP2077.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


I don't know, maybe those with a level of maturity doesn't fully condemn a developer for a singular bad call, after spending a decade being highly pro-consumer, both with free post-release content, as well as running the most pro consumer digital storefront had today.
I'm not dismissing how they handled Cyberpunk, but if you dismiss them over that vs their entire works prior, well, that shows just how narrow minded you're choosing to be on the subject.

cell98947d ago

Charging full price for a new release that’s unplayable. Like selling a car without wheels, you know it’s all pretty and nice but it doesn’t roll 🙄

Atticus_finch47d ago

This has nothing to do with maturity but with standards. Yea let's ignore the horrible working conditions and the terrible management that led to Cp2077 releasing the way it did. I like a pro consumer approach from any company but thats not the subject. And my standards are not even high but I wouldn't call releasing a broken game "pro-consumer"
Maybe I just don't share your level of maturity.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago


So you reiterate the one issue, which I admit is an issue, but avoid the fact I brought up that the company you want to drag through the dirt has also done some great things for the gaming community as well.

How they handled Cyberpunk? Bad.
How they handled almost anything they've done, even prior to them becoming an actual games developer? Good.

There lies my issue with this. Please though; continue only acknowledging the obvious mishandling of a single product as the only thing to hold the company accountable for. No bias had at all.

FinalFantasyFanatic47d ago


Considering how well the Witcher 3 turned out, it's hard to believe that Cyber Punk was made by the same developer, really disappointed that Cyber Punk didn't turn out better.

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King_Noctis47d ago

Let not start pretending that CDPR is the same to the likes of EA or Activision, shall we?

TheColbertinator47d ago

You got a valid point. On the other hand, we would hate to see CDPR turn into an EA or an Activision in terms of PR in the long run.

annoyedgamer47d ago

So they want to move west now is that it?

knightedHollow47d ago

Many big company's have multiple offices throughout the world.