PSFocus interviews Ryan Schneider (Insomniac) about Resistance 2

The Dutch website PSFocus had the opportunity to interview Insomniac's Community Manager, Ryan Schneider about Resistance 2 that has been recently released in Europe. Btw, the interview is in the English language.

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Shmapanese3697d ago

i liked it cuz the dude gave some great questions tthat i would of asked ina way and Ryan schnieder is awsome in both ways that he is notonly professional about it but also gave insite that Resistance and R&C is here to stay and be supportive for long term as well as mentioning the TRUTH: gears2 is a different type of shooter so cant compare :)

R2 rules and so does the Insomniac team.. TED AND CREW FTW!

Rehabinum3697d ago

I agree shmapanese! It was a great interview, thanks mr. Schneider!