Top 10 Most Annoying Video Game Women

Like an abundance of women in the real world who rub us the wrong way, there are female characters who grind everyone's gears excessively. Whether it's because of their idiotic comments, abrasive personalities, or overall uselessness, we can't stand these girls. Bear in mind you won't see Princess Peach or Navi on this list -- it's a well-established fact that they're some pretty obnoxious broads. So, without further ado, here are ten of the most annoying women in video games.

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ihaten4glol3695d ago

Good choices if they were actually women. >.>

thor3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

If Raiden isn't a woman I would be surprised. "She" certainly isn't a man:

Doppy3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Oh I hated Ashley in RE4, they could have completely done without her. I don't know how many times I called her a stupid B#&@$ and I normally don't curse. She just sits there and get's taken away. Or I'll be running along thinking she's behind me and boom they got her. Or she gets cut in half by a chainsaw. Or I have to take the time out to hide her, when a swarm of zombies are about to attack. SOOOOOOOOOO Annoying.

I think the beggars in Assassin's Creed should have been number 2 or 1 though. I hate them with a passion. They just jump all over you "Please sir spare me a few coins", "My family". I wished they were real sometimes so I could punch the $#it out of them. I don't know how many time I'd say B#&@$ move or get the [email protected]&# out of my way. Thankfully if you could run away they'd leave you alone. But get by one where's there's a crowd and you'll meet the most annoying person in a video game. It's a good thing bums got rid of this mentality, and assassin's aren't as common as back then or there would be a lot of dead beggars in the streets.

@ 1

The first comment about Tidus is hilariously accurate (seagull).

@ 1.2


Figboy3695d ago

does ANYBODY on this site have a sense of humor?

thor: i thought that was pretty funny, and echoes my views on Tidus and Raiden (although in MGS4, Raiden earns back a few man points, but he's still a ponce).

The Matrix3695d ago

WHAT DO you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Nothing, you just told her twice.

RememberThe3573695d ago


Raiden did kick a lot of ass in MGS4 though.

thor3695d ago

Yeah Raiden redeemed himself in MGS4. But in MGS2 he was a complete girl lol. They had to work reeeeal hard to earn Raiden's respect back from fans but they sorta succeeded.

BTW props to Figboy for having a sense of humour ;)

cactuschef3695d ago

Bubbles for having a sense of humor!! Something a lot of people around here seem to be lacking...

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cain1413695d ago



No Navi = Failed list imo...

italianbreadman3695d ago

I think Navi is the most annoying, too, probably, although those beggar b*tches may be right up there.

Then again, I dunno if they were so much annoying as they were an object of deep, bitter hatred. I become borderline incensed just thinking about them.

--"I'm poor, sick, and hungry!"
--Then die...

cain1413695d ago

Those would probably be my number 2...

ihaten4glol3695d ago

"Bear in mind you won't see Princess Peach or Navi on this list -- it's a well-established fact that they're some pretty obnoxious broads."

We already know she's annoying!

ThePimpOfSound3695d ago

How you gonna hate on Daisy?
Agreed with the #1 choice though.

villevalorox3695d ago

i thought the assassins creed beggars were so damn annoying. I did not mind Ashley.

Jubo13695d ago

Im playing assassins creed again and omg i just punch them in the face. The good thing is the guards don't come after me, but if there are no guards around i shank them

ahnonamis3695d ago

I hated those beggars. Especially on the docks portion of the game when an ill placed beggar would cause you to fail.

But it was so satisfying throwing them into the ocean...

Dark General3695d ago

Yeah i pretty much hate them as well. They throw stones at you as well if you climb a building in bare sight.

smurfie43695d ago

Most definitely agree with Ashley from RE4 being the most annoying women in a video game. RE4 was one big escort mission and you Ashley was constantly getting kidnapped, getting in the way, or just otherwise being completely useless.

cain1413695d ago

I hate games with companion AI's that are like that...

italianbreadman3695d ago

Except Natalia from Goldeneye, of course. She was badass with her Cougar Magnum

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