Sony to Continue Investing in Dreams Developer Media Molecule

"Sony is really behind what we’re doing."

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garos82210d ago

As they should. Incredibly talented and innovative bunch of people at Media Molecule

Sonic-and-Crash210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

indeed ...they have plethora of very well made games in Dreams made by amateurs of the best is LoCK

210d ago
SullysCigar210d ago

Sure is! It's the game that keeps on giving. When they enabled VR, I couldn't wait to play my faves from the inside!

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming multiplayer modes and the inevitable PS5 enhancements.

360ICE210d ago

Thank Jesus. One of the best dev studios Sony has. They really need to keep a strong 1st party lineup if they want to stay on top.

Lore210d ago

Still can’t fathom why they don’t permit creators to accept donations or charge a buck for their games. Supports their cause and efforts while still allowing free created content

Magog210d ago

You can donate. Plenty of creators have Patreons.

Teflon02210d ago

If they allow you through them, that means they gotta provide receipts and such for people. If someone feels scammed they gotta deal with it etc. If you want to do that, they'd have a Patreon or something noted somewhere where you can I'm sure

dhammalama210d ago

I think it's really part of the core ethos of the game. It's play, create, share, not play, create, profit.
I get what you're saying and am not arguing against you or anything, I just think that it's part of the point of the game, and MM's vision, that it's all free.

ILostMyMind210d ago

This would establish a business connexion, with regulations, consumer rights and minimum quality standards, in addition to making Sony responsible for all of this. Not good.

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AnotherGamer210d ago

Dreams really needs a PC release.

JEECE210d ago

Yeah while I traditionally like PlayStation games to stay on Playstation, I think Dreams really makes sense on PC. I just think that most of the people who could really make Dreams take off typically spend their time on PC.

mcstorm210d ago

Yeah I agree I also think we will see my Sony PlayStation exclusives on pc down the line. Its not really a threat to consoles in terms of the difference between the two but there is a massive market Sony are missing out on especially in the creative game side.

Feel games like lbp would do wonders on a pc.

210d ago
mkis007210d ago

I'm sure its on the short list.

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The story is too old to be commented.