Crispy Gamer: The Fryer, Vol. 7

Kyle Orland writes:

"A survey of Gamestop stores nationwide has found heavy post-Thanksgiving promotions for Bratz: Girlz Really Rock, an obscure October release from the THQ Play label that has languished on sales charts and media coverage.

Gamestop pushes the power of Bratz.
"Thank you for calling Gamestop, where you can now pick up Bratz: Girlz Really Rock for only $19.99, this is Brad speaking, how may I help you," said one area clerk, echoing the sentiments expressed at dozens of other Gamestop stores nationwide. Inside the stores themselves, consumers nationwide reported life-sized cardboard Bratz standees, HDTVs running frequent Girlz Really Rock ads, and pushy clerks pushing customers towards the little-known game. "I asked the guy if they had any used copies of Rock Band, and he just started going on and on about this Bratz game or something," wrote disgruntled forum member BemaniFan123. "He spent like 10 minutes talking about how it had songs from the Bratz movie and he actually said it was the only rhythm game that lets players 'glam it up in the recording studio.' Eventually I just had to leave."

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