The Falconeer for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC Gets "Atun's Folly" Update All About Pirates

Today Wired Productions released a new update for the popular air combat game The Falconeer, titled Atun's Folly.

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343_Guilty_Spark207d ago

Looks kinda like panzer dragoon

Tacoboto207d ago

I haven't played PD, but I just did not like this game so much it's already uninstalled.

The maps are too big; nearly every mission has a Skip Ahead action so you don't have to fly over the big empty water. And you'll use it because actually flying is so slow and boring.

The combat didn't feel right - very floaty aiming and my weapon's sound effect didn't even sound good. The voice acting I thought was too heavily accented (or it was the same guy doing multiple voices).

The missions also don't seem to have a point. You fly from A to A.2, then skip from A.2 to B. You fight a handful of enemies, escort a ship, and return. If you die, you restart from the island's mission select screen - there isn't even a checkpoint system!