CVG: Grand Theft Auto IV Review (PC)

CVG writes: Almost seven months on the market and Grand Theft Auto IV has lost some of its initial wow factor. A 100% game save and two hundred hours squandered racing cars and shooting pigeons on rooftops has edged some of the sheen from Rockstar's stunner. But make no mistake; Niko's visit to Liberty City is still the standout action experience of the game, hell - the generation.

When Rockstar comes knocking at our door with the inevitable PC version then, this is one computer port definitely not worth rolling our eyes at - especially when you consider how improved technology can enhance the Liberty City experience.So, what can seven months do to a game? Well if you've got a PC capable of doing its time tables, it can make it prettier, ocassionally more immersive and add community features that could well prove to be a massive source of entertainment for the months going forward.

GTA IV is still one of the standout console games of the current generation, and now it's gone and got it's ultimate version on PC. If you've got a system capable of running it, GTA IV PC is definitely worth picking up.

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