Microsoft: less hardcore Xbox 360 games in 2009?


"A Microsoft rep reveled that the company plans on taking a cautious stance in 2009. The rep also indicated that with several unknown factors, such as the economy, the company may be in for some tough times. Microsoft also indicated plans to cut costs in the coming year. There are some clues that the company might be making a big shift towards the casual market in 2009. Can the company finally shake off the hardcore video game console stigma earned over the years?

A studio member working on the Alan Wake project did assure us that the project was not vaporware. However, that is exactly what Sony London studio reps said about Eight Days and Getaway before they were canceled. With Activision recently stating that the company would be producing fewer hardcore titles in 2009, the gaming vista looks more bleak than ever."

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Mr PS33701d ago

What he's saying is that the Xbox has No Good Game's Coming Next Year

Craig David3701d ago

Never the 360 is the home of the hardcore.

ps3Owns3603700d ago

lol microsoft only has gears 2,fable 2.those are the only 2 games.and probaly there last game.because cliffy said in g4tv his thinking of pusching gears3 into the ultime boundaries and he said he can only do that on ps3.hopefullly epic and sony can have a relationship going.and yea ps3 will have a great lineup for 09.r2,LPB,uncharted2,soCoM,mgs 4,warahwk,MaG,killzone2,motorst om2,GT5,InFamous,and god of war3!!.many more.360 wont live long and especially for the future

Nineball21123701d ago

the 360 is now the home of the softcore?

Speed-Racer3701d ago

Oh they were hard core to begin with.... wow didnt know that

chaosatom3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Now Sony will Strike back and Microsoft Won't be able to Stop them.

I guess Sony is waiting for the Right Time and letting Microsoft Run out of its Tricks and Hoping for Economy to get better.

jwatt3701d ago

My heart sinks every time I hear about Eight days!

Rick AstIey3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Things aren't looking so good for Microsoft in 2009 but we'll see what happens. I mean they haven't announced any big games for next year. Only expansion packs and probably another one of those desperate price cuts.

beavis4play3701d ago

bring back "eight days" sony!

Sez 3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

"desperate price cuts"

you mean like the two price drops sony had for the ps3 in it's first year. NOW thats desperate. but i guess you wouldn't remember that one right. because only MS would be desperate to drop the price(after 3 years) right.


you are right. i hate these sonyfanboys "oh MS is desperate because they drop the price of the 360". but leave out the fact that the 360 has been out for three years and no real price cut. but they are desperate. mean while sony drop the price of the ps3 twice in the first year.(which is unheard of)but thats ok because it's sony. and they do no wrong.

lowcarb3701d ago

I guess Rick and his multi account clan didn't like to hear that lol. The truth hurts and the only thing that will be changing next year is it's title from the year of PS3 (which it wasn't again for the 3rd time)to once again the year of 360.MS already announced it's plans for 2009 and I suspect there biggest year yet is upon us.

Doppy3701d ago

If the gaming world becomes majority casual I will never, game again. :(

kopicha3701d ago

sorry if my comment for you is going to make you feel its coming from a fanboy. but i know what i am talking whether its a fanboy comment or logical. i feel that its right for sony to drop their price for the first year despite that they did it twice reason being the system is really kinda overly priced at the time of launch especially when you see there are other alternatives out there which price lower. those hypes that sony made about their hardware doesnt deserve the price they advertise to many ppl out there. even as for now i still feel that they should at least drop it by at least another about $50 @ $349 would maybe sound a little more reasonable for what it is. but honestly i also know that sony have always been selling stuffs slightly over price regardless of tv, dvd players, av systems, laptops n etcs etcs. so i aint surprise here that they insist keeping it at $399 as of now. but for 360 wise... imo i do feel they are indeed desperate. there is nothing wrong to drop price after 3 years which i agree. but dropping it below the cost of Wii is quite laughable. it does make it look very "cheap". as many should know except for the control scheme in Wii the hardware itself is basically a last gen console in terms of visual quality. with ps2 selling @ $99 and yet sony is making money, you can tell that Wii doesnt cost a lot to produce yet they are selling at the price they are selling now. dont tell me that its cheaper to produce a 360 because its already out for 3 years. in terms of hardware tech is very obvious that 360 isnt necessary cheaper than Wii in production. if you think Ninty is selling it overly priced, but yet Ninty stick to the price while its still selling like hotcake. that just show it doesnt matter if something is overly priced sometimes as it sells it would sell. when u know your stuffs selling well with your current pricing it gives no reason to drop it for no reason since that will only lower your profit. dont be so naive thinking M$ care about the gamers and etcs. be it Ninty Sony or M$ to them its all about business profit and opportunity. no company out there will do such move when they see gains and profits in whatever they are doing. so its actually quite true if you analyst it with logic and put your fanboysium aside that what M$ did is pretty much a desperation move for this holiday hoping to attract the mass as shoppers are usually quite price conscious especially with the current economy. if i aint wrong even as of now sony is still losing $ upon selling each ps3. like i have said earlier its about the technology within the hardware. if thats the case sony should already be making a lot of profit via ps3 sales and not losing $. from what i understand sony's profit mainly comes from ps2 n psp and their software department (especially ps3 softwares since there is zero piracy as of now) i think i have said enough. i aint siding any of the brand if you read my logic properly.

Sez 3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

basiclly everything you just posted is conplete and utter BS dude. sony cut the price of the ps3 twice becaue it wasn't selling like sony claimed it would. remember this phase " people would buy the ps3 at $500 with no game" remember. and what happened when it didn't happen. they cut the price. desperate?yes.

then they knew that halo would push the sells of the 360 even more. so what did sony do again? thats right they cut the price again. now you trying to convince me and everyone with a brain that. sony did it because it was over-priced. well guess what. it's still over-price. did they cut the price again? no. because it hurt their bottom line in profits.

you say MS don't care about their customers. well i saty no company care about their customer.(sony included) yes after three years you should cut the price. the lowest priced 360 w/o HDD cost $300. after three years it should be cheaper. don't you think. OH thats right. as per your logic. the 360 w/o HDD should have stayed at $300. right. or are you that dumb. grow the [email protected]@k up will ya. sony/MS both could careless about any of us. did sony send you a christmas card for the holidays, what about a b-day card, did they attend your HS graduation, did they visit you in the hospital when you where sick? NO they haven't have they. so how much do they really care about you. they don't just your money. just like MS.

basiclly like i said before. stop acting and making excuses for sony. when they did the same thing twice in their first year. stop actng like it's ok for one. but not ok dor the other. if MS is desperate for droping the price after three years. what does that make sony after droping the price twice in it's first year?

Ps3LetDown3701d ago

hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahha hahahahaha...*falls off the chair*

Tomdc3701d ago

its a good move on paper but I don't think they have really been able to create a decent casual game for thier system yet... I mean singstar is better than lips and that movie one s fun for like 30 mins but then it just gets boring. I think it will be hard for them to turn the console to casual to much because I just don't think that either PS3 or 360 can compete with wii on the casual front. Next gen I see microsoft going for a more casual console deffinetely tho.

Aquanox3701d ago

Unlike Sony with Hellgate London, Remedy has released a NEW Trailer of Alan Wake. The isn't canceled.

Silver3603701d ago

MS sold most of the 360's they could at the $400 price point. They were reaching a stagnation point so they dropped the price. Sales picked as new customers were reached at the lower price point. Sony sold all the PS3's they could at $600 then they watched their sales drop. They lowered the price to a point where the value vs price was acceptable and all the Sony loyalist started buying PS3's. Now for these first two scenarios only the hardcore gamers were buying the systems. And many were buying both. It wasn't that the PS3 was outselling the 360 or the 360 outselling the PS3 it was just both systems selling to the fanbase. The competition is just now beginning. It is the casual market that determines who wins not the hardcore. Hardcore gamers can't be more than 40 million worldwide. All three companies want to sell to the other 80 million gamers out there. Right now Sony fanboys need to stop whining, stop worrying about MS, buy a PS3 play their games and stop telling business men how to run their companies. They don't have a clue as to what the financial stakes are for any of these companies. Winning a console war doesn't mean crap if it is a pyrrhic victory.

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eagle213701d ago

just joking...

but seriously, lol