The shipping boat that was stuck in the Suez Canal made its way to Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Ever Given has been stuck in the Suez Canal for 5 days. Thanks to an add-on, Microsoft Flight Simulator users can now see the ship.

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1nsomniac79d ago

Why does every news outlet keep reporting the boat as being named the “Ever Given”??

It’s written in massive writing covering the entire side of the boat “Ever Green”. Am I missing something??

Wikkid66679d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Ever Green is the shipping company. Ever Given is the name of the vessel.


Ever Given is the boat name. What you see is on the side is the company name. You can actually see Ever Given written but its small.

1nsomniac79d ago

Ahha, well that answers that then. I thought it was a case of journalism copy and paste got out of control.

WelkinCole79d ago

Still puzzles me how something that big can float in just 24 meter deep

JackBNimble79d ago

24 meters is 79 feet of water

medman78d ago

That is pretty damn hilarious to me.