5 Free Internet Winners

Access, as we know it, is about to change.

In two weeks, the FCC will vote on rules behind the sale of a sought-after chunk of airwaves. Chairman Kevin Martin wants to include the stipulation that the winning bidder must set aside 25% of the spectrum to roll out free Internet access to 95% of the country.

Is this huge? You bet. How exactly the bulk of the country's population will be canvassed with connectivity remains to be seen. Even if it does pass and a top bidder emerges, the actual roll-out should still be several years away.

However, it's not too early to size up the winners and the losers so that investors can get in -- or out -- early.

Let me go over five of the biggest winners if free Wi-Fi comes to pass.

1. Google
2. Logitech
4. eBay
5. Nintendo

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kapedkrusader3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

...if Wi-fi was free and accessible everywhere, being able to stream games, music, and videos from your PS3 would boosts PSP sales tremendously.

Edit: Almost forget to mention make-shift cell phone for kids or adults that want to make International calls.

BrotherNick3698d ago

I think we all would be winrars. It's handheld heaven.