Kojima says he has a lot of affection for PC & thinks DeathStranding satisfied opinionated PC gamers

VGC : Designer discusses the biggest challenges in bringing the title to PC.

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bujasem_8938d ago

was kind of blown away by how smooth and crisp the pc version was on my brother's 2060. having a dated pc and only a ps4 pro really has me aching for this game but waiting for a better medium. I hope it gets a ps5 patch by the time I get one, or a card.

knightedHollow38d ago

2060 isn't that dated.
It isn't the recent 3000 series but it's not a 960. That would be dated.

jp_footy238d ago

He was saying his is dated, not his brother's 2060

bujasem_8938d ago

Yup mine is a 970, and it was an upgraded card. The pc was stacked with a 660 before it, only upgraded the rams. Might just need a new one

LordoftheCritics38d ago

Kojimas games on PC are almost flawless performance executions.

Phantom Pain was buttery smooth.

RaidenBlack38d ago

Yup, both his last releases were nicely optimized for PCs. Wish other developers were this committed to their releases.

Imortus_san38d ago

Well Kojima hoje you learn the true minning of mega Flop, so dont get cocky again.

Magog38d ago

It sold 4 million copies and made a good profit.

Darkborn38d ago

Plus Sony completely funded it for him along with supplying a game engine and offering to send teams to help with development and paid for advertising. So even if it did flop, Kojima wouldn't have lost much.

FanboysKiller38d ago

He is Kojima , failing is not an option.

monkey60238d ago

I absolutely loved the game. I can understand why many didn't but personally I hope he continues as he is

zacfoldor38d ago

I do hope his next game is a little more understandable and mainstream.

alb189938d ago

Next Kojima game will be multiplatform, yeah!!!

jukins38d ago

Might be xbox exclusive. The heads at xboxnkeep teasing things by hiding things in the background. Most recently had the ludens figure next to the xbox logo.

knightedHollow38d ago

I think was another cyberpunk in the sense of most people's expectations.

For some reason expectations were geared towards a completely different product from what was shown through gameplay.

I loved the game and platinumed it. Really cool shared world features. Really engaging combat. and one if my favourite recent enemies in a game. Some more enemy variety would have been nice though.

Master of Unlocking38d ago

I still can't wrap my head around how he convinced Sony to let him release on PC a game that uses a proprietary engine developped by Guerilla Games, which is a Sony first-party studio. And that he apparently got for free, at that!

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