Nordisk Games Acquires 30.7% Ownership of Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, had 30.7% of its shares acquired by Nordisk Games.

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Abnor_Mal78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Sony are missing out on opportunities to acquire many of these companies that they already had good relationships with who made exclusives for them. Instead of putting money to timed exclusives they could have bought shares in this company and others like Quwntic Dreams.

I wont be surprised if the next company to be acquired is BluePoint Games, but not by Sony.

porkChop78d ago

I don't know if anyone will buy Bluepoint. They're very talented at remaking games, but that's when they have a blueprint. I don't see any publisher buying them until they prove themselves with an original IP.

Abnor_Mal78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I get that, but with the way many companies are remastering/remaking their older games these days then I think they should be acquired to do exactly that. Letting the main teams continue with newer projects, and just like Sony Bend they will get their time to shine with an original game.

Offtopic: Damn, somebody is quick with their disagree game, as soon as I hit send to post this comment I immediately went to see on another comment and saw this was already disagreed with, it wasn't even ten seconds.

generic-user-name78d ago

It would most likely have been Sony who approached Bluepoint with the Demon's Souls remake. I'm sure Bluepoint would like to do their own IP but it's also hard for an independent studio to turn a deal like that down. Perhaps if they do get acquired, part of the deal will be to let them make an original IP.

NeoGamer23278d ago

I disagree. Going forward there is a huge market for remaking classic games no matter what publisher you are.

generic-user-name78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Sony know what they are doing, I've no doubt Supermassive would have liked to have been bought by Sony (same with Quantic Dream), but from a business standpoint that's not the smartest move for Sony. Until Dawn sold less than 2m (according to a quick google, I could be wrong) and that was their best title by far, now I'm not saying that number is bad, and Sony themselves didn't do much to push that game (it was in development hell and everyone expected it to bomb), but still, those numbers might not be enough to justify an acquisition.

Keep in mind they went on to make a couple of stinkers on PSVR afterwards, especially Bravo Team (reports indicate poor management at Supermassive, another reason for Sony to avoid) and their Dark Pictures Anthology series has been met with mixed reception. Sony might be wise to them.

Bluepoint on the other hand are a technically superb studio, but it remains to be seen how'd they do outside of remakes, still, I'd be surprised if they haven't been in talks about it over the last few months. Also, depending on how Returnal performs, I'd imagine Housemarque are in the same boat.

Whitey2k78d ago

You sure about sony knows what there doing? Jim Ryan is pretty much Fking sony over and doing nothing in my opinion. Theres more people getting stakes on other companys that sony could of easily acquired. But no jim ryan does sod all aslong as hes in charge still sony is gonna become a sinking ship

Concertoine78d ago

I love the idea of the Dark Pictures games, but they don't seem sustainable to me financially.

And even though i like Supermassive, they don't fill a hole for Sony as a publisher.

neutralgamer199277d ago (Edited 77d ago )


Bluepoint will be bought out by sony. And I think we will see them acquire a big publisher this generation. My guess is out of these 4 Sony may buy 1-2

Konami(highly likely that Sony may just buy MGS, SH and castlevania IP's)

Square enix (this is the one I think Sony will out right buy)

Capcom( would be amazing with their long history of well known franchises)

Sega(their relationship sega isn't what it use to be. It seems now sega is much closer with ms)

In my opinion if Sony were to come out of this generation with square enix and konami that would be stellar. But if they somehow bought both capcom and square that would be even bigger

Abnor_Mal77d ago

We can dream, but until Sony decides to open their checkbook wide thats all it is, dreams.

I would really like for Bluepoint to be acquired, like I said before Sony has a lot of dormant IPs just collecting dust. Have Bluepoint make some remakes of some of their older classic PS1/2&3 games, there so many that they could do.

When they come up with an original idea that has a great concept and they can sell Sony on the idea, then we could see them branching out.

MSG, SH, and Castlevania would be great gets, if they could buy the IPs from Konami and I'm sure many would be happy. Although with Sony recently disbanding Japan Studio I wonder who would they tap to make new entries.

Square Enix, didn't Sony not too long ago sell their small stake in the company? I don't know for certain as I've only read it in other peoples comments. Which is probably why some of the games that were locked as exclusives are now appearing on other platforms. But, it would be a nice get.

Capcom that would be imo the cherry on top of the three layered cake you've described. I would expect many to cry foul though and claim that it is a third party company whose games have graced all platforms before and to now be locked to one walled in garden is anti consumer. We've heard this said before when it was only concerning on game or one particular character.

Sega im not sure about with this one, sure they have many IPs, but the rumor mill has it that MS are eyeing this company.

Honestly, I just want them to buy who they have worked with closely over the decades on exclusive games. Not to run out buying every major third party developer/publisher just to compete with what others are doing.

cammers199578d ago

Come on sony, you need to aquire this studio. They make some of the best horror games.