The Adrenaline Vault : On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 2 XBLA review

Ryan Asher writes "It's the same stuff, different day for your main protagonist as Episode 2 of Penny Arcade Adventures begins, but this time it's not a skyscraper-sized robot thrashing your pad. It's your old buds Gabe and Tycho barreling recklessly into it with their truck. Cue the start of another random, hilarious and sometimes socially awkward misadventure starring the fine duo from Penny Arcade.

After the formalities of your now destroyed home are discussed between the duo and your character, who you can import from the first episode, you're off to Anne Clair's for mission details. If it's the blood of evildoers you crave, no worries; it isn't long before you're outside the local loony house cracking the skulls of loitering crazies. The characters feel the need for change when it comes to their various instruments of death. Sure, Gabe still utilizes his fists to dish out his brand of hilarious justice, but Tycho has transitioned to the shotgun and you've moved on from the rake…to a hoe. "

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