The Adrenaline Vault : Mister Slime Review

James Dolbeare writes "One of the beautiful things about the Nintendo DS is that it allows designers to create games that stretch traditional and familiar interfaces. With Mister Slime, Lexus Numerique has taken full advantage of that capability.

Mister Slime is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with puzzle-solving elements in which you help Mr. Slime defend his village from an enemy tribe, the Axons. You won't find yourself running or jumping around, however, as Slime doesn't have any legs. He moves by climbing across pegs placed throughout the maze-like levels. When you tap a peg with the stylus, Slime grabs it. When you tap one of Slime's arms, he releases a peg, allowing him to move forward. As the game progresses, Slime has to carry objects around the levels, tying up one of his arms and making it more difficult for him to move. The objects vary, but generally they're heavy and they need to be put on a platform to open a door. "

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