What the Eff… is Wrong With Fanboys?

Loot Ninja writes:

"There is a lot of "fanboy" hate in the gaming community and I really don't understand why. What's wrong with a "fanboy," and why do people hate them so much? It's really interesting if you think about other companies outside of the gaming world; they too have what the gaming community conceives as "fanboys."

There are "fanboys" for every system out there. From the original Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation, to PC gaming, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, and Wii; they all have groups of "fanboys." There are people out there who love their Wii, they wouldn't give it up for anything, and these Wii "fanboy's" will bash anyone who claims the Wii is useless and utterly dismal. The same is true of any system in the market today. Is this a bad thing? No, I don't believe so. Unless, however, one's love for a certain system makes them bash other systems irrationally; and this happens all too often. I hate when an excuse to disprove somebody's idea is simply, "well they are a 'fanboy'." It's such an invalid argument it enrages me; so maybe there should be "fanboy" hate."

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Yi-Long3697d ago

... it just makes very little sense. It just shows how insecure some people probably are as apparently they need to bash other people for making different choices or having a different taste. It's pathetic.

All current-day consoles have their good and bad points. That's a fact. And all 3 major players (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) are making both good decisions and lousy decisions.

Just buy the games you want for the system you want, and just shut up and let other people enjoy what they want to enjoy!

drunkpandas3697d ago

For whatever reason, most gamers (and most people here) don't share the same rational thoughts you just wrote. I don't get it. People are dumb.


I hate fanboys....

Every one who is not a fan boy on n4g gets a bubble from me.. :)

Marceles3697d ago

I honestly think it's what drives N4G...people love to hate fanboys, I only think less than half of the people here actually comment here for a real gaming discussion. Mostly everyone comes to see if anyone can find the most dillusional comment ever made in gaming history and then argue until whoever made the stupid comment is up to 1.50, 2.50 etc. These days I just rarely comment and mostly come to read comments and laugh.

bviperz3697d ago

Bubble me up High Man!

ArmrdChaos3697d ago

These behavior types escalate their feelings of self worth by tearing down everyone and/or everything around them....for the most part socially immature.

pixelsword3697d ago

Sports, politics, cars, brands of shoes/clothes, beer.

It's just videogames gets singled out because the maturity of the overall gamer can be quite small.

darthv723697d ago

I can remember being a fan of Sega back in the day. Getting the Genesis and playing those games was good times. Till the SNEs came out. Debates of graphics and sound was not as widely spread as it is now (not much internet back then) but I hated the SNES with a passion until.......

I actually got one. Then I realized there is more to gaming than picking sides. Some do it because of their lack of funds to support the habit. Others do it because they just dont want to have to have more than one system to enjoy. The bashing this gen is outrageous. To insane levels! I cant imagine what it will be next gen.

I can honestly say as a reformed fanboy it is much better to embrace all systems regardless of their faults. You can only do more harm to the cause by limiting yourself to what you play. All games from the past to the future deserve a fair share of playtime by everyone. Those who like it, get it. Those that don't, keep playing until they find one they do like.

Don't hate the system or game player simply because they have a difference of opinion. It is everyone's right to have one but it isn't everyone's right to be disrespectful.

jadenkorri3697d ago

unfortunatly in a perfect world we would accept all a world without fanboys, how nice it would be.....ahhh...only dreams...heres the thing, people who own 360s mostly hate sony for the dre problem with the ps2, plus the history way back with the ps1. PS3 owners keep throwing the xbox failure and the mass errors with the 360 back at it gets annoying hearing fanboys argue back in forth, i will only get involved when people praise MS for providing a 3 year warrenty and comparing it to sony who didn't, i do this cause its utterly retarded that people think MS did this out of good will...yes sony didn't provide a warrenty, and yes im sure it sucked buying multiple ps2s...anyways fanboys do crazy stuff, one 360 fanboy wrote a whole article about how bad Fallout 3 was on the ps3 compared to the 360/PC versions, talk about devotion. Sony did right with the release of the PS3, despite beign compared to live for online, the ps3 laucnhed without a hitch, no major problems like the dre from ps2, or something resembling the rrod/ the 360 laucnh, okay, we all know what the problems are... this is MS 2nd console, so their 3rd launch compared to sony better be better...

FrankenLife3697d ago

Fanboys suffer from a distinct lack of Broccoli. They need to get themselves a bowl of broccoli. Better make it several, everyday, until they return to sanity.

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drunkpandas3697d ago

People act like they have a majority share of stock in these console companies. It's just dumb

fiercescuba3697d ago

I am all for following a certain console and having a favorite, but getting your panties in a bunch over which system will "survive 2009" is a waste of time and energy.

I thought gamers were supposed to rebel against authori-ty not each other.

drunkpandas3697d ago

Yeah, true. There's nothing wrong with having a favorite console or game, but crapping on the others because your system is better than someone else's is just stupid.


I only give bubbles to people who are not fan boys.If ur not a fan boy then have a bubble.But if u are i take a bubble... :D

MS2721673697d ago

I agree with buy the games you want and enjoy. But I also enjoy the logical arguing that some of said individuals can create. It's the irrational arguments that make me angry.

fiercescuba3697d ago

agreed 100% bubbles for you my friend.

Yi-Long3697d ago

... and I doubt anyone has a problem with that.
When a certain game is better on 1 console over the other, it's OK to discuss that, and even base your buying-decision on.

I own both a PS3 and 360, love them both, but whenever a multiconsole-game is released I check for whichever console it runs best on. That's normal (I think).

drunkpandas3697d ago

I agree and I think a lot of people will check that as well. The sad part is when trying to find that information, you have to sift though all the fanboy rants saying "system Z is better, system Q sucks OMGFTW" and all kinds of terrific crap like that.

kewlkat0073697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Yes Logical arguing is fine but I barley get replies on here, just disagrees mostly, I guess it helps knowing why some disagree.

I have no problems with many that are multi-platform owners and may have a favorable preferences. You can never be 100% un-bias. Hey it's human nature. You have the right to like this more than that one. How do you argue that?

But if you've never had the other and have always known, only what your used to, then why is it you constantly much hate something you'll never or will never get...

The thing is there are plenty that only have "ONE CONSOLE" that
-Spread Fud/
-Downplay the competition at every chance or article/
-Lie to themselves, to make them feel better about their purchase/
-Unable too accept the Reality or FACTS/
-Disagree for no darn reason given/
-Thinking their opinion is more right then the next person/(I guess that goes for reviews too and games they like)
-The worst is when OPINION becomes FACT.

Welcome to N4G..Enjoy your stay here. Like the wonderful world of Rapture in Bioshock, you try to escape if you can. Goodluck, we know you won't make it far.

jadenkorri3697d ago

i love fanboys for the fact that their so caught up with 1 console, i was born and raised by my pc and will die by it to. But im a gamer and own every console which i have enjoyed them all. If you only met fanboys through internet consider yourself lucky, ive had personal experience with meeting a ps3 fanboy in person, something i will never ever forget, and experience which goes beyond reasoning and normal human rational and unfortunaly i work everyday with him, thou we don't talk...which is

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SONYSLAVE3697d ago

Wait... wats this story about?

WANNA GET HIGH3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

U all get bubbles.... :)

MS2721673697d ago

I thank you much my friend