11 Classic JRPGs That are Absolutely Insane (Part 1)

COG writes: Once upon a time, JRPGs were very, very weird. From Digital Devil Saga to Vagrant Story, here's the first half of a list of 11 classic JRPGs that are downright bizarre.

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on_line_forever39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So much love for Vagrant story I hope we get remake in this genration

BrockEmSockEm39d ago

Who makes an article with a list in 2 parts?! 2 pages I can understand, but only making a part 1 and then releasing part 2 of your article later?!

Rebel_Scum39d ago

There's a reason for it, but this reply to your post is just part 1. Please wait for a reply part 2 coming soon.

39d ago
Imortus_san39d ago

Never enjoyed Digital Devil Saga but the rest finish all of them, prbably finished most of the games in next batch, JRPG's used to be great.