Best Hidden Gems On The PSP Ranked

From PSU: "Best Hidden Gems on the PSP Ranked – Among the 600+ games released for the PlayStation Portable, there are a handful of titles we would like to spotlight as hidden gems. These games may not have appealed to the mainstream market upon release, but found a cult following over the years.

Our ranked picks for the Best Hidden Gems on the PSP are selected based on our own personal judgement. Many of these titles are in niche genres and may only appeal to you if you are fans of that style of game. If you are looking for the Best PSP Games Of All Time, then pop on over to our feature here. For some extra reading, you can also catch our best PS3 games of all-time, best PS5 exclusives and PS5 complete guide features too. Finally, you might also want to look at our best PS5 indie games feature as well."

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Blastoise80d ago

Pretty good list. I'd add Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Riviera: The Promised Land, Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires (critically panned for it's load times which aren't an issue on Vita) and Tekken 6, which isn't really a hidden gem but often gets forgotten in favour of Tekken 5.