PC World: Video Games: The 12 Best Holiday Bets

PC World: Here come the holidays like a full-on three ring circus, which means it's time to rinse out the turkey fryers and slather the cookie sheets with Crisco.

It's also time to start thinking about which games you will be gifting others with or will be playing yourself in the wee small hours.

You've got plenty of choices this year. An embarrassment of riches, really. Into MMOs? You've got at least four ports of entry. Role-playing games? You'd need months just to finish half of what's new and on shelves right now. Action games? That rocked-and-shaken cup overfloweth. Strategy games? Not as plentiful this season, but the ones available are bright spots.

Our list recognizes some of the best of 2008, but whatever you do, don't call it comprehensive. Bumper years have a way of making pick lists seem wanting, so instead of aiming for something exhaustive, we've tried to pull in something for everyone, casual or hard-core, funny or serious, young or old.

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No resistance2.... WTF.

Gears2 and R2 is a must buy for every gamer.Fan boys are missing out.

Nineball21123698d ago

Yeah, I noticed that too. They do state that this list isn't meant to be comprehensive though...

It seems to be a fair and balanced list to me though.