Potential PS3 “Holy Grails” You Should Collect Now

We've rounded up a few PS3 games that show serious potential for big price jumps over the next few years. Could these reach "Holy Grail" status?

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Applejack1182d ago

I have a friend who still has a sealed copy of Folklore. I’m sure it’s worth more now than it was when it released but I’m not sure how much more.

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franwex1182d ago

Bought it for $5 at Walmart. I have yet to play it. But I did open it to look at it. Heh.

phoenixwing1182d ago

the game is actually good. I'd rather buy and play it than keep a sealed copy

Indigon1182d ago

Yeah I gave my brother my PS3 for free with a lot of games but I kept Folklore.

Teflon021182d ago

Folklore is an amazing game. Should have bought 2 copies. 1 to play and one to keep

Seraphim1182d ago

yeah I still have a sealed copy of Folklore too. I almost never do this but I had originally rented it. One day I saw it for like $20 at Walmart so picked up a copy. Always meant to re-play it but just never did. I think in part because it never got trophy support[?]. It was an interesting and unique game that didn't get the love it deserved.

I see Trails of Cold Steel II is tagged. Not sure where PS3 prices sit but the PS4 version of both Trails I and II were around $140 as recently as a little over a month ago. Ended up buying both of them digitally then buying III and IV on disc. Shame I kept putting off buying them. Just a couple months prior you could still get them both for about $45 each. Anyway I'm almost finished with II and hopefully be playing III and IV next.

Petebloodyonion1182d ago

I would suggest using price charting to evaluate the value of a past game.
value for the game new is 60$

Hawk1986661182d ago

Its not worth much, about £20.

monkey6021181d ago

I want Folklore. I've been trying to find it for some time now. It's one of the only games set in Ireland so I've been busting to play it some time

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Godmars2901182d ago

And wait for emulation and/or till their PS3 dies?

franwex1182d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is a cool game that may soon go up in price too. I enjoyed it.

Indigon1182d ago

That's one that has been quite hard to find for some time.

Godmars2901182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

At least you didn't own ALL Panzer Dragoon entries only to sell them all on ebay.

Don't talk to me about seller's regret...

nommers1182d ago

I'm so glad I kept my copy of this game.

Soy1182d ago

Great game, lots of fun - and definitely tougher to find. I'm glad I kept mine.

Teflon021182d ago

Glad I still have it. One of my fav games that gen

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Gardenia1182d ago

PS1, PS2 and PS3 BC right now is pointless. The top games are extremely overpriced or aren't available anywhere anymore. The best that can happen is Sony putting all the games on the PSN and/or PS Now. That way we all can play the classics, with trophies and some optimizations.

Godmars2901182d ago

Pointless, unless you have a 2st stage production model PS3.

One have to get fixed, but still, I've got it.

gold_drake1182d ago

exvuse me
i still play games on my ps2.

Gardenia1182d ago

That's because you only think about yourself. 90% of gamers don't have PS1, PS2 or PS3 games lying around. What do think is going to happen when there is BC and games like Vagrant Story, MGS, Suikoden 2 will be on sale? The few that are will be sold for hundreds of Euro's/Dollars.

Digital is the only option for everyone to be able to play those games.

gold_drake1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

ooff yea im only thinking about myself by playing my ps2 games haha.
the whole point about my reply was that, BC is not pointless. alot of ppl still have their old games mind you.

HankHill1181d ago

Nobody agrees with you so I guess you're the one only thinking about themself.

TheColbertinator1182d ago

Still have the Neptunia box sets unopened. Every year they get more valuable