Warframe Xbox Series X|S Release Set for April, PS5 Load Times to Be Cut in Half

With the next big Warframe update due to happen next month, Digital Extremes confirmed that the Warframe Xbox Series X|S release is coming in April.

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masterfox914d ago

Every time I see one of the PS5 games load so damn fast when boot up from the menu it impresses every single time.

excaliburps914d ago

Same. Like, I'm used to loading a game, getting a drink or something and then sitting down before I can play it. PS5? Nah! No drink for you!

Darkborn914d ago

Exactly it's kinda weird because I don't know what to do when I'm in a game in a few seconds or if I die or fast travel and before I can stand up to get a drink I'm there.

Aussiesummer914d ago

It's called the pause button.

blackblades914d ago

Theres more talk about the load spd then the resume.

Orchard914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

I think I would like if they added quick resume to be honest. It doesn’t have to replace SSD improvements - even Xbox is loading games substantially faster.

But quick resume let’s you jump straight in where you were so you can effectively just exit a game without having to find a checkpoint etc - or multitask games.

Different functionality and we can have both IMO.

GamerRN913d ago

Quick Resume has been amazing for me for single player games. I can jump into my multiplayer games with people then resume Valhalla or Cyberpunk without missing a beat

iplay1up2914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Quick Resume is even better. I hope Sony adds a feature like that to PS5. Switching between games without ever seeing a load screen is awesome.

jznrpg914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

No way . Loading times killed my play time in the past . Quick resume is ok but I leave the game I’m playing in rest mode anyway and I don’t mind the 10 seconds or so it takes to load the game if I turn it off or want to play something else. I’ll take faster load times over saving a short 10-20 secs one time . Saving 10-20 seconds each time I die , or load an area or whatever adds up quick .

BehindTheRows913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Quick Resume is NOT better than faster load times. It is an addition to a device. This is on top of the fact that the PS5 starts games fast anyway. Yes, Quick Resume is a nice feature, as I use it often, but that's where we can leave it. PS5 will eventually see a feature like it and everything doesn't have to be a this vs that.


Thank you. It does indeed get very annoying and it is usually a specific group! Clearly some sort of inferiority complex.

OT: Although I'm mostly a PC Warframe player, will be interesting to see if the next gen consoles can run it this like that.

iplay1up2914d ago

Series X has quick resume, and it loads almost as fast as PS5. There is no reason PS5 can't have a feature like that. If you look at load time comparisons Series X is not far behind at all.

Quick Resume is great. You wouldn't understand how much better it is, unless you use it. I go from one game to right where I was at in a game I played earlier, with never seeing a title screen. I have 5 different games I can switch between right now, and be right where I left off. I bet I spend less time waiting between games than you do on the PS5, and it does add up.

HardKnockKid24914d ago

Don’t even attempt. People are way too lost on PS5 vs Xbox to be honest about each of the consoles Pros and Cons. You could say PS5 cures cancer and Xbox fanboys will say but does it have Halo. You could say Xbox prints money and PS5 fanboys will say I’d rather have god of war. People are unreasonable and dishonest when they go into a cult lol

giovonni913d ago

Yeah it is pretty bad ass! I went from gears tactics back to mid play in a fire fight in cyberpunk without ever seeing the title screen, company logo, or having to go through the various load steps to get me back to the last check point of where I left off. It’s a neat feature.

metalhead914d ago


What’s a pause button?

Neonridr913d ago

not sure if you are old enough to remember, but be thankful it wasn't the old Sega CD days of loading. Man you could go to the store and back and the game might not be finished loading.

waverider913d ago

From the games of last gen. I think Destiny 2 is crazy the speed of the load. On the PS4 it took forever any kind of travel. Now. Damn.... Spiderman Miles Morales is like the flash...

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waverider914d ago

To Think what will happend when games are made from scracth for the PS5. Whith new or updated engines. Very cool indeed.

purple101914d ago

Yep . Agree
Next gen hasn't started yet.

Not till Sony's 1st party comes in with something new. And/ or Unreal engine 5 comes.to fruition. And perhaps a couple updates on that too.

Orchard914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

It probably won’t change too much. It’s worth remembering that these are last gen games being loaded fast. When those real next gen games start getting made, they’ll have bigger assets etc so I’d expect load times to be roughly the same or a bit higher.

Still no where near last gen load times though - which is a massive improvement.

SullysCigar914d ago

That's not really how it works. Games designed with the SSD in mind will load more efficiently, to a point that can outweigh the anticipated increase in asset size this gen. This can negate the associated extra loading time you'd get with the old HDD.

Orchard914d ago

I’m a developer - I’m aware of how designing a game for the specific hardware will help.

What I am saying is, it will also be balanced out by assets being bigger etc as we start getting “true” next gen games.

And we won’t get back to mechanical loading times obviously, but I expect those “true” next gen games to basically match current load times we see on PS5 or be a few seconds longer.

BehindTheRows913d ago

You're a developer, eh? What games have you worked on and what company? Out of curiosity. I mean, other developers disagree with you, so I'm curious as to why you're so sure a game built with actual SSD tech in mind won't show much difference to a game with it added on.

Orchard913d ago (Edited 913d ago )


Current load times are around 2-5 seconds on PS5 on average. I haven’t seen any other devs disagree with me and say we’re going to get to 0 or 1 second times. My reasoning is that as assets get bigger and games get bigger / become “real” next gen games, load times will stay the same or go up but I’d say 5-10s total maximum on avg. If the asset jump for a game isn’t large, the SSD optimized code could balance it out and we’d see the same load time we havr today for “old” games. If it’s a large asset game, I’d expect the larger assets sizes to outweigh the SSD optimization gains slightly. It’ll never be as bad as mechanics drives though.

The thing I’m excited about is the file size to be honest - not having to duplicate assets will be great for install/DL sizes and less of a headache for engineers.

I’ve been in the industry for over a decade working on the engine programming side of things. Worked at a bunch of smaller companies initially but have worked at Activision, both Sony and MS and now at EA.

Lots of fake devs on here so I’m happy to prove I’m real - feel free to PM if you want proof.

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