Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver temporarily removed from Steam but don't expect an HD Remaster/Remake

DSOGaming writes: "Square Enix has temporarily removed Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver from Steam which sparked some rumors about an HD Remaster/Remake. However, this won't be happening so you should temper your expectations."

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CrimsonWing69123d ago

I wish they’d release a collection. With all the stupid Remasters of games not even a year old, these are the generation of games that need the Remaster treatment. Just improve the resolution and frame rate, add trophies/achievements, maybe add some bonus content like an art gallery, etc. I’m liking that Square Enix is doing it with their PS1 games. It’d be cool to see more of this!

Miraak82 123d ago

Man this series needs a remake , imagine Nosgoth in full ps5 glory with sdd to fully showcase when Razeal shifts into the soul plane . I can imagine the Pillars(pre Kains rule) looking awesome as hell reaching the sky in hd . People talk about how ps1/2 era was the best place for rpgs .......... NOPE it was the best time of the vampire games lol .

ANIALATOR136123d ago

This series deserves better

SDuck123d ago

If there's a series I would gladly accept a remake, it would be this one. As different as it was, I was hyped for that cancelled game (Dead Sun I think it was the name)

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