Stuff Review: Fallout 3 - 'a very difficult game to put down'

Stuff writes: "The music and voice acting is superb and coupled with a brilliant plot, you will find yourself attempting to explore everything and to talk to everyone that you see. To really appreciate the atmospheric graphics, this game should be experienced with the lights dimmed and with little distractions if possible. Although this title may have a few too many elements for a pure first-person shooting fan, Fallout 3 was still surprisingly accessible to even this casual gamer. Recommended. But now I'm off to start building my own nuclear fallout bunker in my back-yard."

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damnwrx3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Putting this game aside is very difficult.....I have COD5, R2 but, I just can't seem to put Fallout 3 down.

Yes, not everyone has the same tastes.....I did not like it at the beginning either, as I played through, it got more interesting so, I wouldn't bash it, if you haven't played it long enough and master the concept....imo T_T

kapedkrusader3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

...even though they called it mediocore, yet they can't put Fallout 3 down and it gets the same score. That's the problem with review scores, there is no standard. Someone should come up with a checklist that gets tallied and equals to the reviewer's score. It showed also be published, so we can see for ourselves if the reviewer is being honest or just wants to give the game a low score because he "personally" didn't like it. Reviews shouldn't be personal, it's inherent that not everyone has the same tastes. So a game should be judged by it's target audience. i.e.

MK_Red3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

They should have tried original Fallouts. This game is Wii Play compared to Fallout 2.
EDIT: They have?