The Warriors: How Rockstar Revived a Cult Classic

KeenGamer: "Embracing different genres can be a risk for even the most successful developers. Rockstar took this risk when they adapted the cult classic movie, The Warriors. Here's the story of how Rockstar Games rediscovered and reinvented a seventies classic for a new generation."

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Master of Unlocking734d ago

The Warriors is one of those games on the PS2 that I am yet to buy.Then on the PS3 I have more that I am yet to buy, and on the PS4 there's even a heck of a lot more. I'll never have enough money, lol

Nicknasty734d ago

Such an awesome game! Still own my original complete copy. Classic rockstar game and film. Manhunt was also another good one, which I still own on PS2. Some games are just too classic for me to ever part with I guess.