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Outriders might look like yet another generic sci-fi shooter, but there is a genuinely robust and entertaining RPG shooter hidden underneath that rusty cover.

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iplay1up21185d ago

I really liked the demo. It definitely had a better look and perfomance on my Series X than on X1X.

It feels a lot like Gears at first, until you get more into it. I like Gears, and thought Gears 5, was fantastic! The DLC Hive Busters, looks current gen! Definitely a lot going on. The same can be said about Outriders. The different classes, are what really sets Outriders apart. That and the story l, which I think is pretty compelling.

Console and PC Game Pass April 1st.😁

GamingonPC1184d ago

Indeed, it starts off like Gears, but once you get your powers it's a completely different game. I feel that Gears does cover shooting a lot better, so I'm glad it's not the main focus here. And yeah, Hivebusters is excellent, would be nice if there's more Gears 5 DLC planned, because I'd go back in a heartbeat.

jznrpg1184d ago

Im not a fan of Gears , I did like the first game though but this game is like a crappy knock off of Gears

jznrpg1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Man this game is super janky. People were hyping it up on here but it is low budget . It sort of plays like anthem without flying . Climbing a rock you load to a cut scene, open a door , loading lame . the graphics for the NPCs and your character look like crap . The shooting is ok but the game is mediocre . I deleted it and didn’t even want to play the entire demo . I won’t even bother playing it at all after that demo . Even if it was free I wouldn’t waste my time it’s not fun or well made

iplay1up21183d ago

What did you play it on? On Series X I didn't have a lot of loading. It also looks great.

rdgneoz31183d ago

PS4 and xbone it might be janky on. But playing it on PC ultra and PS5, it runs and looks great. Some games are getting pushed out to older consoles that can run it, but don't look as great or have the best performance (Cyberpunk is one of them, runs fine on PS5 but crap on PS4). WIth PS5 / Series X hard to find at times, they did it for sales else they'd be holding them back till the user base got larger.

But if you can get one, the game runs great and looks great too. Coupled with repeatable side (and story - you can switch between story points in the main menu so you can refight bosses or such) missions, a lot of customization for gear and weapons (406 mods), able to change the firing type of your guns (AR can be changed from full auto, to single shot, to burst for example) and change around mods on gear / upgrade it, 46 legendary weapons and 95 legendary pieces of armor at launch, 15 world tier levels that up the difficulty and increase the rewards, 14 expeditions at end game that don't reuse maps and 15 seperate challenge tiers for expeditions, and cosmetics and such earned from playing the game (not cash shops). There's a lot of content at launch and it's not a 'games as service' piecemeal type barebones at launch crap.


The 7 Best Co-op Games on PS5

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Cacabunga163d ago

For coop, get a used switch instead

jznrpg163d ago

I own a Switch and have never played co-op on it. I do play Elden Ring , Demons Souls and some other co/op games with my friends on PS5. Baldurs Gate 3 is the next game I’ll play co-op. Can’t do that on a Switch

Cacabunga162d ago

I was thinking for couch casual immediate fun.. not online coop games that require some adaptation.


Free Play Days – Just Die Already, Outriders, and The Elder Scrolls Online

From Xbox Wire: "Fight to survive on a hostile planet, a massive fantasy world, or to qualify for retirement care this weekend during Free Play Days. Just Die Already and Outriders are available this weekend for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play from Thursday, August 18 at 12:01 a.m. PDT until Sunday, August 21 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. In addition, The Elder Scrolls Online is available for an extended time from now until Monday, August 29 at 6:59 a.m. PDT."

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Outriders is free to play on Steam this week

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that OUTRIDERS™ will be available to play for free on Steam from Monday June 20th to Thursday June 23rd.

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Terry_B734d ago

played it..de-installed it after 30 minutes.

Lighter9734d ago

I got pretty far, and just stopped caring. I uninstalled it as well.

Profchaos734d ago

It's extremely generic. It's not bad but it reminds me of the period between 2007 and 2009 where gears introduced cover shooters so almost everyone went out and made a unreal engine 3 cover shooter.
It feels like that to destiny

IanTH734d ago (Edited 734d ago )

For some it is. At launch, I expect more people felt that way. It also had tons of technical issues back then, at least on PC. I tried it after the New Horizons expansion later last year. I found the campaign enjoyable enough, even if not an amazing one. The gameplay was pretty fun, the story was pretty pants (but how many games can say otherwise lol). Still had some bugs even then, though.

I've no idea what is in the newest expansion, but if it ever piqued your interest, I'd suggest giving it a shot. It might give you 20-30 hours of fun before it fizzles out. Maybe I'll look into this expansion, see what's what.

MadLad734d ago (Edited 734d ago )

I'm having fun with it.
Originally avoided it having heard of the issues around launch.
It has been sitting on Gamepass so finally downloading it the other day.
I'm about 3 hours in, have my Trickster class at level ten, and it's a pretty good time.

Don't know if I'll end up beating it or not, but I'd give it a solid 8 so far, personally.

Livingthedream734d ago

Nah it’s fun, first 30 minutes ain’t enough. Give it a go!

Terry_B733d ago

Bad...nah. Its simply super boring

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jjb1981733d ago

I played through the entire campaign. It was very generic. The story was mediocre and the technical issues on PC were pretty bad. They patched it up quite a bit. It plays better now. I can say the only reason why I enjoyed it was because I missed Division 2-type gameplay but was was tired of running around the same areas in New York. The endgame is just an enemy hitpoint multiplier where a tiny creature has 20,000 HP. It's too bullet-spongy.

aarogree733d ago

Call me when it's free to keep.