Three Improvements the PSVR 2 Needs to Have

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The PlayStation VR 2 is coming, that at least we know. And with it comes the opportunity for Sony to give virtual reality-fans something truly special. So what might this new set offer up? Here are our three improvements the PSVR 2 needs to have."

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masterfox87d ago

* higher resolution lenses
* No front Camera needed
* And yeah reduces cables, like a lot lol.

ocelot0786d ago

It's been confirmed only 1 cable (usb c) and it's looking like it's going to have inside out tracking so no camera to stick on a wall.

Tiqila86d ago

One cable is still too much

Tiqila86d ago

Disagrees, you really like your cables? Guess you prefer wired controllers, too, then? Well, what matters it. Enjoy your cables.

XbladeTeddy86d ago

One cable is fine, they may even have the option of streaming to the device like Oculus 2 does with the virtual desktop. Obviously would require a 5GHz internet setup though.

RaiderNation86d ago (Edited 86d ago )


Nobody "likes" cables. But there's a difference between what we like and what we are willing to accept. I would like for it to be wireless but reducing it down to a single cable is acceptable to me. Plus, let's be reasonable. We all knew that PSVR2 was going to draw at least part of its power from the PS5. How do you propose it does that wireless? This will also help keep cost down. Oculus Quest 2 is 400.00. PSVR 2 could possibly be much more capable and be the same price, all because of being tethered to PS5.

Tiqila83d ago

Oculus quest 2 costs 299$ retail price. Even the Oculus quest 1 can stream games from PC. I played half life alyx like that and it was great. I will never go back to wired.

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86d ago
RaiderNation86d ago

Smaller, less bulky design would be nice.

Higher resolution lenses/minimize "screen door". (confirmed).

Better FOV (would love 180 degrees but probably will be 100-120).

Internal head tracking (confirmed)

Eye tracking would be great. (rumored)

Fewer/no cords (confirmed to using only 1 cord)

Better controllers (confirmed)

Plus I hope it incorporates a feature that was originally supposed to be in the first PSVR where we could flip the lense up to see out without having to take the headset off completely.

S2Killinit86d ago

I think a smaller headset would be amazing if possible.

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