Nintendo Switch Outsells PSP

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the lifetime sales of Sony's handheld platform, the PSP, according to VGChartz estimates.

The Switch sold 425,124 units for the week ending March 13, 2021 to bring its lifetime sales to 81.22 million units. This compares to the PSP with sales of 81.09 million units. The figure for the Switch includes the combined sales of the original Switch model and the Switch Lite.

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septemberindecember47d ago

I loved the PSP. Crisis Core, both God of Wars, Dissidia, MGS: Portable Ops and Peace Walker, GTA LCS and SAC, Daxter...a lot of great games.

Still, well deserved for the Switch! Next week the GBA is going down. Should surpass PS3, 360, Wii, and PS1 by years end too.

metalhead47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Nintendo doesn’t care about its customers so why should I care about their success? Nintendo just creates collectors items out of thin air by pulling released remasters off the market and jacking the price up in the used market.

ScootaKuH47d ago

Well you must care to a certain extent, otherwise why bother commenting?

Snookies1247d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I mean, I love my Switch and all... But you're definitely not wrong. Nintendo is by far the most money hungry out of the big 3.

DefaultComment46d ago

It's a business, the main purpose of a company is to provide services and/or products for a profit....If they are so called hungry, they why has Sony Bought Evo or why has Microsoft bought Bethesda? I think you need to get your facts checked.

blackblades47d ago

And to add there 1st party games rarely go on sale. Games still jacked up high, i think I seen super smash bros brawl still at the same price.

mcstorm47d ago

I get that but I feel nintendo games seem to keep the price well. Even traiding prices have always been higher for Nintendo ips.

Something about Nintendo games abit like apple products that keep the price well. Plus people still buy them.

If you look at the big Sony ips for example they tend to be top of the charts for 2 or 4 weeks then drop down Nintendo big ips stay in the top. Always seems to be a demand for them.

zacfoldor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I just enjoy the games, they hold their value, and I love them. Love the Switch too. I don’t care if they retire games, Disney vault doesn’t mean I hate the mandalorian right? Honestly, I suspect half your upvotes are dedicated Nintendo haters, they are MUCH more active since these sales numbers skyrocketed.

If it wasn’t this, they would be on here pretending the games suck(along with random conspiracy theories as to why the reviews are so good), or complaining about the graphics or something else rather arbitrary.

It will keep selling well imo, it’s too good a value at 200 bucks. More articles with sales milestones will be forthcoming, I expect, this year.

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Lexreborn246d ago

Oh so now we’re comparing it to handhelds?

Shiken46d ago

The same articles were made for PS4. It is a sales milestone, nothing more.

NotoriousWhiz46d ago

The Switch is both handheld and home console. It's really not complicated.

Lexreborn246d ago

Literally all some people have done is scream it’s not a handheld.I’m taking a jab at them, I own two and give no shits.

mkis00746d ago

so the psp and vita were a home console because you could plug it into a tv ?

Shiken46d ago


Niether the PSP nor Vita has separate visual settings based on TV or handheld the way Switch does. It was actually made with console functionality in mind.

The PSP and Vita just doing a direct HDMI out to a TV is not the same thing.

ocelot0746d ago

I loved the psp but I didn't realise it was so successful?

monkey60246d ago

Ha that was my take away from this too! PSP did so much better than i thought it did

Unknown_Gamer579446d ago

It’s by far the most successful direct competitor to a Nintendo handheld. It did not outsell the DS, but over 80 million units sold is nothing to snuff at. No rival has ever bested Nintendo in the handheld space, but that’s still a huge achievement on Sony’s part.

deafdani46d ago

To put it into perspective, it wasn't able to beat the DS simply because the DS was the best selling Nintendo console ever made, handheld or otherwise. It sold around 155 or 160 million total, which is amazing and only bested by the PS2's sales.

DS aside, the other Nintendo handhelds sold between 80 million (Gameboy Advance, 3DS) and 100 million (original Gameboy). So for Sony to be able to match those numbers with their first handheld console ever speaks volumes. Dropping out of the handheld space only because the Vita flopped was a serious mistake, in my opinion. They should've tried again.

Babadook746d ago

To the surprise of no one, including PSP fans.