World of Warcraft Game Time Has Changed for the Worse

Your options for buying World of Warcraft game time have been reduced down to just one: it's now only available in 60-day increments.

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Kaii48d ago

You expected them to change it to benefit customers? lol

XxINFERNUSxX48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Guild Wars 2 my fav MMO, used to play GW1 since first beta, then carried over to GW2. Their busniess model is the best out there. You can play for free or you can just buy the game and there will be no monthly fees after that. Never have and never will. Blizzard can learn from them, plus Arenanet is only making Guild Wars and nothing else and they can remain profitable they also have a 3rd expansion coming 😁. So Blizzard can't afford to adopt this model? They have so much more $$$ than Arenanet and can afford this so easily, it's why I hate them much like EA and don't respect them anymore. Greedy shit bags who don't deserve a penny.

Michiel198948d ago

"plus Arenanet is only making Guild Wars and nothing else and they can remain profitable they also have a 3rd expansion coming"

You do realize that Arenanet was working on other projects? but after 50% of the staff were laid off not too long ago those were all cancelled. So no gw1 remaster, no gw3, no new ip from arenanet. Only new expansions. Guild Wars 2 as an mmo isnt doing as positive as you imagine they are, im actually surprised its still going on after the situation they were in. Also you say having no sub is always a better thing, which is just not true.

"Greedy shitbags who dont deserve a penny": did you ever take a look at the gw2 microtransaction store?
Blizzard cant afford to adopt this model? They can for sure, but its just a stupid move especially at this point for wow. GW was designed with no sub fee in mind, its in the core game design. You cant just flip a switch and have "insert mmo with sub fee" be a f2p game.

You should do some research into Arenanet , GW2 and how the game is performing before you put them on a pedestal and say everyone should do what they do. Because especially lately they havent been doing as hot.

Vegamyster47d ago

I was a huge fan of the original Guild Wars but never really got into the 2nd game, the danger of the world was gone, they went for a linear combat system that forced all players to use the same skills and they went for smaller content drops instead of large expansions at launch, the first game had 3 great expansions in 2 years while it took 3 years for GW2's first expansion. I loved the new movement systems and platforming puzzles but it had no real endgame unless you wanted fancy cosmetics, i do plan on starting the game fresh when it launches on Steam since there will be a wave of new players to play with but its had its fair share of issues.

Michiel198947d ago

I played a bit of gw2 in heart of thorns and pof, its fun for a while, but it got quite boring pretty fast. The main thing that bothers me in gw2 is that there is no power progression after you got ascended gear. I dont know why this bothers me in gw2 while it was kind of the same thing in gw1.

Also I feel like they really retconned the Guild Wars world with the char being friendly. First guild wars felt like a serious fantasy world, now it feels like a loony fantasy world. Cute creatures walking around everywhere etc. Imo it really retconned the allready established guild wars world.

I really feel there is still so much potential for the first game, no other game that ive come across had such an interesting skill system. Its a shame that GW Utopia never released.

PapaBop48d ago

Blizzard seem to be becoming more anti consumer each year. Haven't touched WoW since 6 weeks after BFA launched and this just makes it even less likely for me to sub again to check out the current state of the game which I'm hearing is pretty good.

Rachel_Alucard48d ago

Now when a new expansion comes and you wanna check it out for a month you are forced to spend for 2 months. This is pretty much them admitting they can't sustain their population when XIV is eating them alive and now they are just double dipping off their more loyal players who buy anything.

Fluttershy7748d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Weird. I don't have a subscription I buy gametime in Wow, but doesn't really affect me because I was planning on going back for TBC and buying a whole year. But the very first time I bought time in WOW I did it just for one month (to see if I liked it) and I got hooked... Now I don't really know if I would had done it if I had to pay for 2 months instead... A lot of "new/fresh" Wow players will come for TBC... some of them won't try the game if they only have this 2 month gametime option.

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