Exomecha Gameplay Trailer - IGN

New gameplay of the upcoming FPS Exomecha, coming August 2021, debuted during March 2021's Xbox indie showcase.

Obscure_Observer1209d ago

Looks awesome! Fast paced, frantic combat and action packed game!

I can´t wait!

Grave1208d ago

Hopefully you can turn off the screen shake I got sick just watching the trailer.

russo1211208d ago

This one looks impressive, it has some Halo touches but much much better.

RaiderNation1208d ago

That's what I was thinking. This game has that "pop" that I was looking for from Halo Infinite.

darklaw1208d ago

looks like it was made in dreams, some of the animations are off, and the character models look sprite based.

dadavis19921208d ago

The animations are definitely pretty stiff. Not sure how the characters look "sprite based" though

solideagle1208d ago

Devs: Where should we spend majority of the budget?
Director: Explosions!

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PapaBop18h ago

Most important thing, 3S is back!


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TheNamelessOne2d ago

That sucks for the seven people that actually use it.