European PSN Store Update 4/12

The Playstation Store has now had it's weekly update, this week sees the release of GTI Club+ and Brain Challenge as well as a demo for Lego Batman and a couple of PSP games.

It is a slightly smaller update than usual this week, but still a decent one.

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Keowrath3699d ago

Has Street Fighter II HD been confirmed for Euro PS3? If not... WTF!? and if so WTF!?

Guess I'll be getting a US PSN card /sigh.

DieSharing3699d ago

What a load of balls. Where is Street Fighter?

I'm in the UK, how can I get a US PSN card so i can buy it from the US store?

chasuk083699d ago

Ok i am super pissed off now that theres no Street fighter. What the fu*k is going on with SCEE.

Ridrick3699d ago

You can make US account and register Mastercard, there is no address validation on these cards.

Visa cards needs to be registered at same address as PSN account.

Stubacca3699d ago

We always get the shaft, Sony. What's up with that?

Are things so incredibly different stateside that we need to wait weeks to get the same content. This is really bugging me.

Where's the British love?

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Hentai3699d ago

when can we expect re5 demo

Are_The_MaDNess3699d ago

lol Hentai love it lol

isnt RES5 coming on the JP PSN 1st?

DieSharing3699d ago

Screw it, I'm setting up an entropay account and trying that.

crematory3699d ago

entropay not working any more on US.PSN

DieSharing3699d ago

Yes it is, I've just done it, happy days, downloading it now

willykyu3699d ago

Hum, SSF2 Remix? takes so much time to translate maybe? Oh well, they can't use the XBOX360 version out for a week in europe I guess, already in every language!
This week's update sucks. (except for the nice Kabuki sackboy)

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The story is too old to be commented.