It Takes Two is now the top rated game of 2021

After just being 3 months into 2021, a surprising title which is focusing on narrative driven co- op adventure "It Takes Two" is ruling the charts.Early review scores have reached almost close to...

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leahcim1184d ago

this is called perseverance.
Congrats to the devs!

Gridknac1182d ago

Love the game, hate the forced split screen


10 Best Co-Op Games, Ranked

ScreenRant's Ben Brosofsky writes, "There have been a lot of great co-op games over the years, and the best of the best cover a wide variety of genres while maintaining the fun."

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The 7 Best Co-op Games on PS5

There's no better way to enjoy your PS5 than with friends, so here's our picks of the best co-op games on the console.

Cacabunga163d ago

For coop, get a used switch instead

jznrpg163d ago

I own a Switch and have never played co-op on it. I do play Elden Ring , Demons Souls and some other co/op games with my friends on PS5. Baldurs Gate 3 is the next game I’ll play co-op. Can’t do that on a Switch

Cacabunga163d ago

I was thinking for couch casual immediate fun.. not online coop games that require some adaptation.


Best Video Games to Play With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Choosing couple-oriented games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend can be challenging, but we'll narrow down the best picks for you.

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Nacho_Z179d ago

What do married people do, knit each other socks?

anast178d ago

We complain about the rising food and utility costs then go to bed....

Final_Aeon176d ago

Usually have kids that soak up 90% of 'free' time.
So gaming solo or together is a luxury.