Quantum Error for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PS4 Shows Cosmic Horror Gameplay in New Trailer

Teamkill Media presented new gameplay of its "cosmic horror" game Quantum Error for PS5, #XboxSeriesX|S, and PlayStation 4.

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masterfox804d ago

Nice didn´t expect a kinda open world game, even less expecting a third person view, still they need to work on those movement animations characters/enemies and third person view gun swapping animation, they still have alot of work to do.

VenomUK804d ago

Space and horror seems to be a big genre mix this year. There's Returnal, Quantum Error and Haunted Space. I can see why as the loneliness of space is perfect setting for the fear of the monsters in the dark.

803d ago
dadavis1992803d ago

The video did not give me the impression that it was open world at all.

DJStotty804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Fortnite looks like a PS3/xbox 360 game, does not mean the game is not popular.

It is not all about polygon and triangle counts.

PowerPlayaaa804d ago

U clearly haven't played a ps3 game.
Is this the best looking game out there?Absolutely not. But does it look good nevertheless? Yes.
If you have a ps3. Go play resistance fall of man for an example. That shit looks like a ps1 game now. Ppl really forget how the games actually looked like back in the day. I tend to watch old games from the psone to the ps3 era now and then. Just to remind me how far gaming has evolved. From pure gaming and a technical perspective.
You have to add as well. That this game is made by 4 ppl. That's it. A 4 man team. And it looks quite okay. Mad props to the team.
Yea. It still needs work. No doubt. But its not a damn AAA title type of game. Man. Today's gamers is a couple of whiney ass spoiled brats.

BehindTheRows804d ago

I wouldn’t say Resistance looks a PS1 game, relative or otherwise, but I agree with your sentiments nonetheless. This does NOT look like a PS3 game. Really, it’s the first trailer that’s truly selling me on Quantum Error. The gameplay looks satisfying enough (reminds me of old school PC shooters - which is a very good thing)!

plmkoh804d ago

It's the same old town fool every generation. When the PS3 generation they'd be saying it looks like a PS1 game, when the PS4 was around they were saying it looks like a PS2 game.....lo and behold we have our "it looks like a PS3 game" comment because we are in the PS5 generation.

They're like vermin, with every community and society they come out when it's dark to feed on pot shots.

CaptainHenry916804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

I don't about this game yet.

Army_of_Darkness804d ago

Yeah I don't know about it either... The enemy creatures don't really scare or make me nervous like those in dead space. I remember every single encounter gets my heart pumping cause of their looks, movement, animations and the disturbing sounds they make!

CaptainHenry916804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

You might have to wait for The Callisto Project. That might be similar to Dead Space. I believe the Dead Space developers are making that game.

Whitey2k804d ago

Aslong as the story and gameplay is excellent i keep an eye on this. As for graphics i get the old skool dead space doom 3 vibe which i liked

TricksterArrow804d ago

A bit disappointed that it focus more on shooting and combat than atmosphere. But it could be pretty fun.

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