The Last of Us Part II wins audience-voted EE BAFTA Game of the Year

BAFTA Games: "The only award voted for by YOU, it’s the @EE Game of the Year. And this year’s winner is… The Last of Us Part II"

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GottaBjimmyb80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Agreed, I am in the VERY small few I suspect. But I was never too impressed with the original, the second was more polished in ever way (graphics, gameplay, script) IMO. It definitely hit some SJW talking points, but honestly I couldn't care less, as the story seemed good anyway. I will say, the Joel scene was pretty impactful to me, I NEVER thought they would do that to such a well known figurehead in the PS catalog.

I don't get the hate TBH, though, I don't think it is fake hate, just that I don't personally understand it.

KyRo80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

The hate is mainly online by trolls of people who never played it or had it spoilt because they read the script before it was released. Not everyone who did play it liked it and that's fine but an overwhelming majority have nothing but great things to say about the game.

Doing what they did to Joel was a very ballsy move and one way to many games, films and TV shows are way to scared to do when it comes to such big characters.

EmperorDalek80d ago

There's plenty of videos on YouTube explaining why people disliked the story, if you wanted some insight.

@KyRo - Now that's just blatantly false.

Kurt Russell80d ago

I have the same thoughts as you. I enjoyed the first one, but the polish of the second sucked me in... There were some really immersive levels and dare I say it... I actually liked playing Abbie.

Highrevz80d ago

The AI was massively improved over 1 and that’s the only fault I could have picked with the game.

Part 2 is a love hate kinda thing, games wonderfully made but the story direction is not what I wanted. I can hate on the game for that but it doesn’t result in the game being crap just because the story didn’t go my way.

RazzerRedux80d ago


"There's plenty of videos on YouTube explaining why people disliked the story, if you wanted some insight."

Are you seriously going to pretend there are not plenty of videos on youtube praising the story. You are the one who needs insight.

And what KyRo said is correct. Just look at the review bombing the game received on metacritic before it was even released. This is a documented fact.

And now look at the awards the game has received from actual gamer votes. You don't like it and that's fine, but you are in the minority.

tombfan80d ago

People like to get mad at things that are different, they risk telling a more mature, interesting story with genuine great "twists" and people are mad because it didn't followed the marvel formula of heroic deeds and everyone's alive or resurrected and kicking "bad guys" asses.

knightedHollow79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

The hate was dumb but the critiques are valid. As someone else said you can find on youtube many videos on why the "minority" disliked the game. You can of course find others that praise it but thats besides the point since you mention specifically not understanding the hate or dislike.

79d ago
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Akira202080d ago

Just two simple words: Lev LOU3

RazzerRedux80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Audience voted? Yep. Well deserved win. Glad to see actual gamers are recognizing how great this game really is.

Snookies1280d ago

I feel like most of the haters are actually on this site, haha. This game deserves to soak up every single award for how outstanding it was. Truly an incredible step up from the original. My only issue was the pacing which was a bit off for me personally. But everything about this game just radiated love and attention to detail from Naughty Dog. Truly excited to see what the future brings from their studio!

Jin_Sakai80d ago

I’m sure most of the haters haven’t even played the game.

blackblades80d ago

@Jin true, also some people hated it for the wrong reasons as well.

SullysCigar80d ago

I think most hated either because they're just sheeple regurgitating what other haters said, or because it's a MASSIVE game and they thought they'd seem cool..

I expect there is a tiny portion who genuinely didn't like some aspect of the game, but it's fair to say this game was very well received overall and has a huge completion rate too!

LucasRuinedChildhood80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

As with many articles about this game, someone is using spam bots to dislike comments ... but hasn't used them on the replies so it's a bit obvious. haha.

blackblades80d ago

It has been awarded so many awards, the haters can hate all they want its not gonna change anything. It still get many awards a long with sales figure that it sold.

Tetsdah79d ago

Pretty much. I think it is the most audience voted going by the aggregate. It is something funny to observe, even with the numerous vocals trying to tear it down.

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VerminSC80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

AUDIENCE VOTED. Once again proving only the vocal minority hated this game.

They like to pretend critics are idiots and most gamers hated it.

TGGJustin80d ago

Look at the salty downvoters LMAO. TLOU2 has been picked as GOTY by players over 100 times now which is more than any other game ever has. The haters can't stand that truth that they are a tiny minority.

repsahj80d ago

well deserved indeed. TLOU2 and GoW for me are the 2 best game on ps4 to date.

Snookies1280d ago

Whaaa-? No Ghost of Tsushima? But yes, those are two incredible games. The twilight years of the PS4 have certainly been a wonder to behold.

Zmorin1880d ago

I have not even heard of the Bafta awards and I imagine most people have not heard of it either. Especially because it is a British awards show and vey obscure. Of course only last of us part 2 fans voted in it, it is such an obscure award show. Most gamers do not vote in award ceremonies. I can imagine the only reason the last of us part 2 won all of these awards is because the weirdos who liked the game just vote in every award category, the last of us part 2 is nominated in. The only conceivable reason the last of us part 2 won this Bafta award is real actual gamers, you know the hard core crowd who makes the big three their money, did not vote in the bafta awards. An award category that actual gamers voted in was the players voice where last of us part 2 lost and ghost of tsushima won because it was a better game. The reason real gamers do not vote in award shows like bafta is because they are actually playing games and not trying to convince the world that a specific game they like, i.e. the last of us part 2, is the best game ever,. This award proves nothing as we well as the many awards created for the last of us part 2 to win, so it could win more awards than the witcher 3. The only reason actual gamers started caring and voting in the players voice was Neil Druckmann fired up the gamers who criticized the last of us part 2 by making a tweet making it seem like he is resistant to criticism. The player's voice is a more accurate representation of the gaming communities feelings on the last of us part 2 rather than bafta especially because it is not as well known as the game awards. This is especially true because the title of the award show is the Bristish Academy of Film and television Arts, their gaming category is an afterthought; the focus of the award show is film and tv. Like many of the awards the last of us part 2 won, this is a nothing award.

mandf80d ago

How do you explain the other close to 300 awards? Crickets

VerminSC80d ago

Exactly. Hundreds of awards, many of which are fan voted.

Zmorin1880d ago

300 awards? most of which were recently created for the last of us part 2.

RazzerRedux79d ago

"300 awards? most of which were recently created for the last of us part 2"

Prove it.

Final_Aeon79d ago

@Razzer though awards didn't specifically get created for TLOU2 to win, Zmorin18 makes a point that nowadays there are many more outlets handing out their GOTY than say 5 years ago. So winning 300 awards is impressive but winning 300 out 400 is less so than 90 out 100.

In any case, people should do some research: most of these are 1 or 2 guys running a site (or speaking in name of a site). Also, BAFTA are the ones that are making their awards are diverse as possible. I s*** you not, unless you have a certain part of LGBT characters or at the very least minorities, your movie/game doesn't even get a chance of being nominated.

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badz14980d ago

It's a "nothing award" because you lived under a rock? Sure...


andy8580d ago

Wow there's definitely some outside page saying to upvote last of us hate posts here. Look at all the upvotes to these nonsense posts so quickly 😂

LucasRuinedChildhood80d ago

It's losers using spam bots again.

RauLeCreuset80d ago

"It's losers using spam bots again."

Zmorin's "real gamers."

Zmorin1880d ago

It's not nonsense posts or bots, it's facts,, the people who like the game are in the vocal minority especially because they are the only ones who blatantly defend this shit storm of a game and try to get people who did not like it to like it.

Elda80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Guessing you're not that cultured enough to know about how prestigious the BAFTA awards are. It's the British version of America's Oscar Awards.

Zmorin1880d ago

Exactly my point, they are the british oscars. Meaning these awards are for british film and tv,, not video games. The fact that last of us part 2 won a game award in a film and tv award show is laughable. Especially becuause video games do not belong in the same category as film and tv. You are the one who is too pretentious to see that that prestigous award show should not have a gaming category,, especially when the Oscars don't.

AnotherGamer80d ago

BAFTA awards are kinda a big deal dude.

Zmorin1880d ago

Maybe in great britain, butt not here in the US. Also it's so dumb that a film and tv award show has a category for video games. It's laughable that the last of us part 2 won that. Proving that they need to find awards to give the last of us part 2 because it does not stand on its own,, it needs validation through awards to be considered good.

buffig80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

The BAFTAs are the biggest entertainment awards in the UK. The US equivalent would be if there were an Oscars for games. The fact that you've not heard of it, doesn't make it obscure.

Zmorin1880d ago

The fact that no real media out lets were covering the baftas tells me it's obscure. At least for foreigners it's a niche award ceremony.

RauLeCreuset80d ago

Your verbal diarrhea is a lot less proof of anything than the awards TLOU2 won.

"An award category that actual gamers voted in was the players voice where last of us part 2 lost and ghost of tsushima won because it was a better game."

The only evidence your presented to support your argument is a single cherrypicked award for which TLOU2 was merely voted the 2nd best game of the year. Okay.

"The reason real gamers do not vote in award shows like bafta is because they are actually playing games and not trying to convince the world that a specific game they like, i.e. the last of us part 2, is the best game ever,."

Glad you feel that way.

PSN game completion trophy percentages:

Ghost of Tsushima: 50.3%
The Last of Us Part 2: 60.7%

Zmorin1880d ago

Completion rates do not mean anything. I have all the latest systems and play the latest games and I never 100 percent game's achievements/trophies. I am as hardcore as they come,, a real gamer. completion rate does not mean that the majority of people liked the game. I would say it means more likely that a few people liked the game enough to 100 percent it. If you look at the PSN sales for 2020, Ghost of Tsushima was ahead of the last of us part 2 proving that more people gravitated toward Ghost of Tsushima over last of us part 2. Your small statistic about completion rates do not mean anything because the majority of gamers do not 100 percent the achievements/trophies of a game.

RauLeCreuset79d ago

I know this is only US, but you are the one who hilariously displayed your complete ignorance of the BAFTA awards. Best-selling PS4 exclusive in the US in 2020 per NPD.

"Completion rates do not mean anything."

Yeah, it does mean something, and actual quantifiable metrics evidence mean a hell of a lot more than your opinionated verbal diarrhea.

PrinceAli80d ago

LOOOOOL!!! Imagine thinking the BAFTA's are an obscure award ceremony!! You people that live in you echo chambers are actually scary as hell!!

Zmorin1880d ago

I imagine most gamers have not heard of your prestigious british awards.

outsider162480d ago

1. Use paragraphs if you're gonna write a long ass essay.
2. Always use /s at the end.

Zmorin1880d ago

I did not need to add paragraphs because it was all worked together, it does not read choppy.

anast79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@Zm I would take this advice. A paragraph stating what you think and another for your reasons. While it is one long paragraph that contains the same idea, it wanders in the middle, which makes it difficult to read.

RazzerRedux80d ago

You wrote a wall of text over a "nothing award". lol....I can just see you crying yourself to sleep.

Zmorin1879d ago

No, I wrote all that because I can't stand the vocal minority who salivates at the mouth for the last of us part 2 when it is not a revolutionary game and people keep treating it as such.

RazzerRedux79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Bullshit. You can't stand the fact that most people loved the game (thus, gamer voted award) and have to whine about it. A game doesn't have to be "revolutionary" to be a great game. And you are the only one making comments about the game being "revolutionary" at all so looks to me like you are just making up shit as you go.

80d ago
kimbomma180d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It's funny especially how many site specific community awards TLOU2 won yet ya'll are still holding onto The Game Awards fan award, the same award that TLOU2 was winning and the so called "actual gamers" still weren't voting against it until the final hours because TLOU2 fans were bragging on twitter.

Also it's funny how these "actual gamers" have no time to vote for awards because they are playing games when they spend 12 hours a day on twitter arguing which plastic box is better, and trolling and harassing Neil, Laura, and the rest of the team at ND. But of course again they are too busy to vote for awards right? LMFAO!

IRetrouk80d ago

Are you ok? Do we need to call someone or something? for someone who doesn't like the game, and who claims this award means nothing, it sure seems to have got your engines going...

RazzerRedux79d ago

"It's not nonsense posts or bots, it's facts"

It is not facts. Stop lying. You are making shit up left and right. Why does this game's success trigger you so much?

Elda79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

No matter how hurt & salty you may feel or say but the BAFTA Awards can praise any medium of storytelling that they want even if it's a videogame. It's the British Awards not the American Awards & the British can do whatever they want when it comes to praise & who they want to give prestigious awards to.

WutRU479d ago

Another thing about BAFTA awards like many british outlets, unless you're Nintendo they tend to snub any Japanese game. I looked at their past awards and holy crap do they give a lot of nods to COD games..I mean I thought they were supposed to be prestigious lol. They snubbed MGS4 big time in 2008 for narrative and story in favor of COD4...that's just sad af.

Tetsdah79d ago

This is a horrible take lmfao. It has more readers choice awards in general than both its predecessor and other games in general lmao. Even bringing up VGAs is hilarious because it still came down to Ghosts or TLOU2. You can take out Bafta, and still have PSBlog, Golden Joysticks, Metacritic voted, etc.. You didn't like it, you hated it... fine. But the majority of the core and hardcore that would vote on these sites, actually did. It is what it is.

outsider162479d ago

"An award category that actual gamers voted in was the players voice where last of us part 2 lost and ghost of tsushima won because it was a better game."

Goes to show that you're just a tiny minority of the hate club. You ignored the fact that in most outlets (lets say 100 that have not been created just for tlou2 like you say), Tlou2 still got most of the fan votes and won most of them. You're gonna say that those weren't actual fans?

You remind me of those Trump supporters..downright ignorant to everything they see.

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NukeDaHippies80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It's still one of the worst/boring sequels ever, no matter how many times you tell me "it won awards though".

When Doom has a smarter story then your narrative heavy AAA game, you got problems.

Silly gameAr80d ago

No one has to convince you of anything, though. That's the best thing about the world not revolving around you. Just because you didn't like it, doesn't mean others didn't. You're a small fish in a big pond.

You like Doom better? Good for you. Go find a Doom thread since you have no interest in this game like you say you don't.

SDuck80d ago

he's still allowed to express his opinion though. No need to be so triggered about it

Tetsdah79d ago

@ SDuck

He's voicing that opinion due to the game winning all those awards. Otherwise there is no reason to say that no one can change his mind. He was triggered the game winning that and other awards.

I'd recommend him just to move on.

AnotherGamer80d ago

Comparing Doom Story to TLoU2.... really dude?

79d ago
outsider162480d ago

"It's still one of the worst/boring sequels ever, no matter how many times you tell me "it won awards though"."

Thats your opinion. The awards it won just proved to the haters that it deserved to be the goty. And not just that, it went on to prove to the haters that not everyone hates the game by winning awards voted by the gamers themselves.

As for Doom..good for you. I didn't even know doom has a story. I thought it was mostly for gameplay.

Unknown_Gamer579480d ago

Unless you're a big deal in the industry, no one needs to convince you of anything, because the only thing you're an authority on is your own opinion. All opinions are subjective, including the majority opinion, so no one's making you believe anything. What this proves however, is that you and the majority can agree to disagree.

waverider80d ago

Doom, story, lol.... One thing that doom never had is story. Do You even know what that word means. Story, plot, back ground story. Doom and smart story is just....