NWR Details Play It On Wii Mario Power Tennis Controls

James Charlton reports to NWR how players will swing their rackets in the upcoming Mario Power Tennis. Although being a former Gamecube release, the new Play It On Wii title will not support neither the Gamecube or the classic controller.

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BrotherNick3695d ago

Smart, if they changed the formula too much they'd lose sales.

jeffaustin903695d ago

I don't think a lot of people will be complaining about the lack of GC/CC compatibility. Games like tennis are the kind that are MEANT to use the motion controls, as has been proved with the popularity of the Tennis game in Wii Sports.

Captain_Sony3695d ago

Good thing or I wouldnt have touched it. Why would anyone want last gen controls on a next gen console? Makes no sense. It would be like asking for a game on PS3 for SD tv's.

Product3695d ago

This isnt exactly what i wanted...i would have liked a brand new mario tennis for wii but this could be aliot of fun.

Monteblanco3694d ago

I never played Mario Power Tennis so this will be a new title for me. However, after the lackluster Sega Super Stars Tennis I am not very hyped to try another take on Mascot's sports.

BrotherNick3689d ago

It's Nintendooooooo. I don't think they'll mess up tennis too much, if it's like wii sports Tennis.