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TGG says: "An Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review. In March 2021? Surely you must have been living under a rock, the game has been out since November last year! Well, no. I’ve actually been playing it all this time and if you’re somewhat familiar with this review format, you’ll know that you’re in for a (long) ride as we’ll be doing a deep dive into EVERYTHING that makes the game tick."

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RazzerRedux46d ago

I have almost 200 hours in this game. There is something very wrong with me.

Darkborn46d ago

I couldn't go more than like 12 hours in that game my dude. Nothing really wrong with it, I just got bored. I do get bored quickly these days in open world games though.

RazzerRedux46d ago

I typically spend a lot of time in open world, but usually it is 40 to 60. This game is tweaking my OCD or something. I keep going back in to play. It is a good game. Just not sure why it has its hooks in me.

Ubisoft probably has some subliminal messaging jacking me up. Skald!

bloodyspasm45d ago

To me, the (bi) yearly Assassins Creed is like comfort food: I set the difficulty to easy and enjoy what it has to offer, in bite-sized chunks. ^^ I'm usually playing one of the titles as my default game when not under the pressure of reviewing something else

spss1146d ago

Same, I love this game. I'm always looking for a good dark ages or medieval rpg so this one obviously got my attention. Strangely, Odyssey was a dud for me. It wasn't bad but I like ancient Egypt and dark ages Britain more.

bloodyspasm45d ago

It depends on how the setting vibes with you. Origins was amazing with its egyptian theme, but the sandy desert wasn't really my kind of environment. Odyssey blew me away with the white marble, blue water, sunny locations and greek mythology.

bloodyspasm45d ago

I had 280 hours in Odyssey because I replayed it to see Alexios' acting :D Really looking forward to the next Story DLC of Valhalla, I have a few questions left unanswered

anast45d ago

How much does the game cost for the complete experience?

bloodyspasm45d ago

They're charging $99 for the Gold Edition which has all the DLC, but it's an Ubisoft game: you'll probably see a lot of discounts throughout the year

anast45d ago

Cool. Does that include XP boosters?

bloodyspasm45d ago

@Anast: no, it doesn't include any XP boosters, those are part of an even bigger bundle. but IMO: you won't need them. The only thing I missed having, were some of the exotic costumes & skins for my raven & horse. (which aren't in a bundle)