The first-person psychological horror game “Evil Inside” is now available for PC and consoles

"The Spain-based indie games publisher and games developer JanduSoft S.L. today announced that they are very excited and happy to announce that their first-person psychological horror game "Evil Inside" is now available for PC (via Steam), PS5/PS4 (via PSN), Xbox Series X/S/One (via the Microsoft Store), and the Nintendo Switch (via the Nintendo Eshop)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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TheRealTedCruz48d ago

Just a cheap PT knockoff with low effort jump scares.
Can be best in less than an hour, going by videos on YouTube.

Viking_mo48d ago

Yep wanted to see what the reviews were saying its all saying a complete P.T rip off rather than inspired

Army_of_Darkness48d ago

These walking, running and hiding horror simulators are beginning to get repetitive and boring. Way too many of them! I prefer horror games where you actually have a fighting chance like resident evil, silent hill, dead space and one of my favourites shadows of the damned.