Capcom Considered Cancelling Resident Evil Before It Saved Them From Bankruptcy

An American consulting firm recommended that the original Resident Evil on the PS1 be cancelled, as Capcom was on the brink of bankruptcy.

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Ataraxias48d ago

Since the information regarding Capcom's near bankruptcy in the 90's has already been reported, this is more like a TIL post from the author which I don't believe is technically news.

excaliburps48d ago

An American consulting firm telling Capcom to not continue to make Resident Evil, and Mikami not knowing about it is definitely news. This is the first time I've heard of it.

Ataraxias48d ago

This is more of a promotion to sell the book with the actual news in it.

Timzster48d ago

Yes. Most people haven't heard about this factoid and the book only started going on sale digitally on Unbound and later this April on the iTunes Store. The actual printed hardbound version of the book will still make its way to bookstores this July.

Sonic-and-Crash48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

this shows why financial managers ,analysts and every other clueless with art/games duchebag in a game company must NOT involved in taking critical descision of releasing or developing a game......

.also while back then the legendary Fujiwara didnt listen the managers , now Capcom is doing the exact opposite involving managers and consultants to make REvils copy paste with what is supposed to be likable by western audience ...

CrimsonWing6948d ago

Good god thanks for not doing that. Literally, my favorite game series of all time.

masterfox48d ago

Sony to the entertainment world/Nintendo/MS/PC gaming/Jovovitch/Capcom/etc.

*You're welcome. ;)

Oh and this is only one franchise , Sony and their devs back in the 90s helped lots of others companies to create multimillion dlls IPs, this include almost all big publishers. So yeah now you know some of the reasons why Playstation is the best gaming brand among all the competition since decades. :)

Zhipp48d ago

Where are you getting all this from? I didn't know Sony had support dev teams back in the 90', and I never heard about them helping with the development of RE.

masterfox47d ago

Sony created the Playstation and so dev kits for dozens of game companies, literally is a no brainer Sony helped to create those IPs cause it was a new tech and so RE was born(heck even in this article Capcom was saying it was at the bring bankruptcy), and same with other IPs that now are Multimillion dlls IPs, this would never ever happened if Sony didn't created the Playstation, literally was a god send to them, cause in that time Nintendo was dominant in the market cause of N64 , back then Nintendo and even today are very close minded and selfish of their consoles, and what games they put in it, so this cause to break the deal between Sony and Nintendo, and so Sony took the risk to not kill the Playstation project and continue with it, and we all know what happened next, we all know the IPs that were created back then and now those IP multimillion dlls or billion dlls IPs :)

48d ago
Rebel_Scum48d ago

Heh...Capcom was almost a Capcom Sandwich...

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