MoDojo Review: Cradle of Rome

Chris Buffa writes:

"Cradle of Rome is one of the DS' most nonsensical video games. It plays similar to Bejeweled, with gamers matching three or more of the same symbols to make them disappear, except instead of rubies and diamonds, you have wood, axes and leaves. There's also this bizarre architecture subplot going on that makes no sense, but none of this game's quirks prevented us from playing it for several hours. Granted, we were stuck in a doctor's office, but we didn't curse our mothers. It's actually enjoyable.

Aside from the overused "match three" formula, Cradle is its own beast. Each of the 100 levels has a unique shape that causes the symbols to stack up in different ways. You must also clear the blue tiles scattered about the playfields in order to progress. Fail to make them disappear before the water in the vase runs out (yup, the water in the vase), and it's game over."

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