Three Rings Holding Flash Developer Challenge

GiN: "Three Rings, a leading independent developer of casual massively multi-player games, has announced the inaugural Flash Game Developer Challenge for its player-created virtual world and Flash game development platform, Whirled. Flash developers who create games using the Whirled APIs can compete for $25,000 in cash prizes every three months. In addition to the Challenge, Three Rings also announced that all Flash game developers on Whirled are eligible for the Game Developer Bonus Bling Pool, a $10,000 monthly cash pool split daily among game developers in direct proportion to the number of gameplay minutes their game represents of the overall total on Whirled.

The Flash Game Developer Challenge occurs on a quarterly basis and is divided into two categories for single player and multiplayer games. All games uploaded to Whirled during the contest period that comply with conditions listed on the Three Rings website are eligible. Entries for the initial contest are currently being submitted. The submission deadline for the first contest is January 31, 2009."

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