GiN Review: Infinite Undiscovery

Kelly Adams writes:

"You play as Capell, a flute player, who is imprisoned by a case of mistaken identity. It's really easy to mistaken as Sigmund the "Liberator" when you look just bloody like him. Sigmund is the one who is trying to free the moon and destroy the chains.

One of his followers, Aya, rescues Capell from the Order prison, mistaking him for Sigmund. This is where the voyage begins.
Hit the target!

Get ready for real-time combat that does not deliver on the seamless part as advertised. Fighting a couple of enemies can cause the whole scene to bog down in a graphic blur. The handling is good, but added glitz to sword sweeps soon fills the screen with a bit too much.

Performing special moves made me feel like I was in a professional wrestling match. "Why?" because the name of the move was said every single time it was performed. I swear I was waiting for a "People's Elbow" at any moment. The world around you stays active while you are in the menu too. So I was constantly searching out enemy free spots so I could go in and use items or assign skills."

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